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Author Topic: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)  (Read 36899 times)

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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #45 on: March 18, 2010, 11:31:56 PM »
Pull up a chair

House I grew up in
  • Was programmed into an autodialer at a truck stop for truckers looking for jobs - took Mom and Dad going out to the truck stop to get it fixed
  • Mom had taken my car pool and left Sis at home to wait for her carpool. Mom then went to run an errand. She got home a good a good hour after Sis was supposed to be at school. To find Sis on the phone. Before Mom could say anything Sis handed her the phone and said you talk to Uncle Billy (Mom's Baby brother) He was 5 sheets to the wind and had scared Sis. Sis couldn't explain why he scared her just that he sounded so sad. He has since been treated for clinical depression
  • Repeated phone calls in Spanish
  • The alarm company for Dad's job being abusive to me because I wouldn't go get him We were home alone and told to say Dad wasn't available. So I called Dad's boss who hit the roof and about took the alarm company apart.
  • This ranting maniac screaming that Dad and Uncle were ripping him off. Turned  out to be Dad's only cousin on his Dad's side their uncle by marriage had died and left his money to his sister and Niece.

San Angelo
  • Reality Office was 1 digit off. Someone tried to fax something to them but used our number. For several hours. My mom thought I was causing it by being on line at work.  (We found out later she had had mini stokes). I learned from the phone company if you dial 9876543210 you will knock a fax machine off line
  • Multiple calls to a dentists that had badly printed business cards. The day after I was cussed out by his receptionist for calling them with an urgent message, Dad ran into him at a Rotary Event. The receptionist was fired, the material reprinted 

Cell Phone
  • Some poor guy that is using the wrong area code. Sounds confused so I just give him the right number each time. The calls are early evening - so I wonder if he suffers from sundowners. My Mom had that.
  • Scared the daylights out of me - I got a text that said this is what you are getting tonight - with a picture that confirmed an adult male was involved. I realize it might have been some guy to his girlfriend - but my HS renunion people had found me just weeks before. I was worried one of the sociopaths had gotten my number from them. (I know I have issues from being bullied for years) I called the cops and they said they would check on my house for the next few nights. I think they did because my next door neighbor asked if I was having a problem. He noticed the cops shining a light into my side yard because it hit his kitchen window. 
  • Calls that were just people screaming cuss words at each other. Figured out it was a student's mother. Because of the nature - male voice threatening to hit her- our social worker got involved. They disappeared shortly after that.
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #46 on: March 18, 2010, 11:38:39 PM »
I work for a company that has a name which is very like a childs game (lets call it 'The Skipping Company)

One morning when I came in and checked the messages there was one left at 2am from a very obviously inebriated young man who wanted to find out the details of the 'n@ked skipping competition'. It was obviously a crank call since he worked in several variations of the word n@ked including a few I definitely can't repeat here and reiterated several times that he was keen to take part in our 'alleged' competition.

I hope he made it home alright is all I can say  ;D

I did also get one meant for the cafe up the street asking me if I wanted thirty kilos of fresh asparagus...


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #47 on: April 10, 2010, 03:30:30 AM »
Something very creepy happened to my mother once.
She had made some arrangements with a plumber (Mr. "Something"); when she called him once, his wife let him know that he was not at home, so she tried again a few hours later.
Mum: Hello, is this Mrs. "Something"?
Woman: Yes, indeed.
Mum: Has Mr. "Something" returned?
Woman (in utmost shock): Mr. "Something" has died three years ago.
Turns out she dialed a wrong number and got someone with the same family name.
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #48 on: April 10, 2010, 05:18:46 AM »
Turns out she dialed a wrong number and got someone with the same family name.

That reminds me.

The other day the phone rings and my SIL answers it. I had gotten up to answer it, but she said, "No, no, it's always for me, I'll get it!" Then I hear:
SIL: Hello, (Sil's name) speaking.... Oh. Oh! Yes, she's here.
She gives me the phone with a big smile.
SIL: It's for you.
Me: Hello?
Caller: Hello, this is Isabel (common Afrikaans name, not Twilight-related). Are you T'Mar?
Me: Yes.
Caller: Is your husband at home.
Me: Uh... I don't have a husband.
Caller: But you're T'Mar?
Me: Yes.
Caller: What's your surname?
Me: (Surname)
Caller: But I'm looking for (first name of man) and he said this was his landline. Is your number 011-123-4567?
Me: Yes, but I'm not married.
Caller: But his wife's name is T'Mar.
Me: That's very weird, but I assure you, it must just be a coincidence.
Caller: Oh, sorry to bother you then.
Me: No problem.
Caller: I'll try his cell. He wasn't answering it.
Me: Okay, bye.
Caller: Thanks again, bye.

So she called the number he gave her as his landline (we've had this line since 1977!) and his wife and I just happened to have the same first name. A few years back there was a scam where foreigners would arrange paperwork to show they married South African nationals, but I checked the citizens' database and I'm shown as single, otherwise I'd be worried.

Still... very weird.

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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #49 on: April 11, 2010, 01:39:38 PM »
I don't get many wrong telephone number calls but oh! I am considering changing my email. I have an MSN account that is I have had at least six different people give out my ID, use it to sign up to websites, and in two cases give me all their billing information via the accounts they set up.


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #50 on: April 11, 2010, 04:52:42 PM »
My home number is the same as the local police department's non-emergency line, but with two numbers transposed. I can only remember one incident. It was my junior year of high school at about five AM.

Me (Obviously half-asleep): Mmmmpf.... ullo?
Me: ...oh. 'm sorry.
Man: ...
Me: ...
Man: ...Well, are you sending a car or not?
Me: I don't... have a car.
Man: Isn't this the police department?
Me: Ummmm, no, this is my house.
Man: *HUGE SIGH* *click*

Don't apologize or anything, dude.
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #51 on: April 11, 2010, 06:15:18 PM »
DH has gotten a few calls from a sweet old lady, obviously confused about cell phone technology.  She's always very confused and very apologetic...apparently her kids programmed her cell phone for her, because she keeps saying, 'Well, I just pressed this..."

We joke that it's my mom calling from the afterlife.  No matter how easy the phones up there are to manage, I'm sure she's just as confused by electronics as she was down here!


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #52 on: April 11, 2010, 06:36:01 PM »
I used to get collect calls from jail every few months. Never accepted any.

Once I was in the bathroom, cleaning our toilet when the phone rang.
Some woman asked for my husband by name and when I told her he wasn't home, proceeded to tell me she was married to him first and our marriage wasn't valid, etc.
I told her if she was indeed his wife she should come over and clean his nasty toilet!

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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #53 on: April 19, 2010, 06:49:38 PM »
I have a few stories.

1.  “Alan.”  My roommate and I would get phone calls from a woman looking for Alan.  When roomie or I would tell her that she had the wrong number, she’d get angry.  She would sometimes tell us that she knew he was there, and start crying.  Other times she’d yell at us for hiding him.

2.  The guy who forgot that LAX and the San Fernando Valley are different area codes.  (This was back when you didn’t have to dial ten digits to make a phone call from the 310 area code.)  Guy called, interrupting a nap.  I picked up the phone.  Without saying hello, he asked, “Who is this?”  I wouldn’t answer, since he’s the one who called me.  He wouldn’t tell me who he was, insisted that he was calling home.

He yelled at me for a bit, insisting he had the right number (and he told me the number, which appeared to be correct).  He told me that he would get me in trouble for my juvenile prank if I didn’t give his wife the phone.  At some point he mentioned that he was at the airport, which made me realize what he’d done.

I asked him what area code he’s calling.  He answered, “818.”  I reminded him that LAX is in the 310 area code.  He hung up without apologizing.

3.  My very favorite answering machine message:  Some guy had gotten my answering machine by dialing a wrong number.  So his message started off saying that he dialed a wrong number, but he really liked my voice, and if I were interested I could call him back.  He left his number, and a message describing himself a little.  He said he knew it was a strange message and he’d understand if I didn’t want to call a stranger like that, but he just wanted to take a chance and leave a message.  He sounded like a nice guy, and I admit I was tempted, but it was just a little too strange for me.  I actually saved the message for a long time because it amused me so much.


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #54 on: April 19, 2010, 07:24:35 PM »
I got phone calls every day for a few days at 6 AM from a confused-sounding woman with a Middle Eastern accent. This is a VERY BIG DEAL-I have late-phase insomnia and if something wakes me up in the last hour or two I'm usually sleeping, I won't get back to sleep. And I will feel rotten all day long. I kept saying she had a wrong number, she would hang up, and 24 hours later it would happen again.

I finally called HER at 11 PM one night and made it crystal clear that she was never, EVER to do it again. That was the end of that.


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #55 on: April 20, 2010, 02:59:52 PM »
My old work number was one digit off from the local paper's circulation number - the one you call when you don't get your paper.  My outgoing message was, "ABC Bank Trust Department, this is Jayhawk.  I'm sorry I can't take your call right now, please leave me a message and yoru phone number and I'll call you back as soon as I can."  Nevertheless, many a Monday morning I'd come in with "Where's my paper!  blah blah, crab, crab crab." 

One Monday, I did have 3 messages from the same older lady who did leave her number.  I called her back and explained that she'd called the wrong number and what the correct one was.

Our current home number is apparently one digit off from one of the local Wally Worlds.  We don't get a lot of calls, but they do come up occassionally.


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #56 on: April 20, 2010, 03:03:24 PM »
When I was a teenager, our home phone number was one digit off from the hospital.  That made for some very unnerving calls, let me tell you!

And if you transposed two of the digits in our area code, you got a pawn shop across the state line.  People never did understand why we didn't answer the phone "So-and-so's Pawn."  ::)


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #57 on: April 21, 2010, 12:00:34 PM »
A while ago, I kept getting a series of calls from a restaurant looking for an employee of theirs who was frequently late or who didn’t show up for his shifts. “______, where are you, you were supposed to start work at ____ time” calls like that. I finally called them back and told them they had the wrong number. I also wanted to suggest that they fire this person, but I didn’t.


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #58 on: April 21, 2010, 12:06:40 PM »
This one happened to my boss, but it was just too good not to post. I work for two of the most powerful people in my commend. They run the manpower program, etc.

My boss gets a phone call from someone pretty far down in our department:

Employee: Hello, Boss?
Boss: ... Yes?
Employee: This is employee.
Boss: ... Yes?
Employee: Oh, I just wanted to know if it was going to rain tonight.
Boss: *shocked silence*
Employee: I am trying to plant some grass and needed to know if it was going to rain tonight.
Boss: *still trying to figure out how to politely respond*
Employee: Maybe I have the wrong Boss. Someone told me that you always know when it is going to rain because your knees hurt (my Boss is disabled).
Boss: *long pause*  According to the weather report, it is supposed to rain tomorrow, not today.
Employee: Oh, thank you.

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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #59 on: April 21, 2010, 12:27:43 PM »
This is one dad told me, from way back in his Army career:

Young soldier (NOT Dad) answers the phone at his duty station: "Yeah, whaddya want?"  :o

Dead silence on the other end for 30 seconds, then: "Stay right where you are.  Do NOT move until I get there."

Caller was the post commander.   ;D  Young soldier was chewed up one side and down the other.