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Author Topic: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)  (Read 36806 times)

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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #60 on: April 21, 2010, 08:52:29 PM »
Thought of two:

1. I had just checked into a hotel at the beach, back in college, when the room phone rang. I answered it:
    Pleasant-sounding male voice: "Pinky?"
    Him: "Hi! It's Paul!"
    Me, running mentally through the short list of male friends I have with that name: "Um...hi!"
    Him: "How are you?"
    Me: "Fine...I'm sorry, who is this again?"
    Him: "Paul, that you met on the beach this afternoon?"
    Me: "Um, I'm sorry. My name IS Pinky, but I think you have the wrong person. I just got here, I havent met anyone at the beach."
    Him sounding hesitant and embarrassed:"Um...OK. Very sorry to bother you."

He sounded like a nice guy. I was sort of envious of the other Pinky.

2. For awhile, once a week or so I would get a phone call from the same number, and when I answered it would just beep at me. After quite a bit of detective work, it turned out that it was a dedicated outgoing fax from a grocery store. Evidently our number got put in as one of their distributors', and their order fax would try to come to me.

Since it was a fax line and I couldn't talk to anyone, I ended up writing a letter that said, "You are trying to send a fax to a wrong number. This a residential number. Please stop the fax and check the number." I would fax it to them when the calls started. After a couple of times, it stopped happening.

ETA a missing word


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #61 on: April 21, 2010, 09:25:50 PM »
The boss with the weather report call reminded me of a couple calls I got while I was working radio...

Me: Hi, WYTE-96.
Caller: Yeah, what's the number for the new floral shop on Post Road?
Me: I don't know. I didn't even know there was a new floral shop on Post Road.
Caller (indignant): It's your JOB to know that kind of stuff!

This one came in during an outage - there had been a severe storm that temporarily knocked our transmitter out of commission...

Me: Hi, WYTE-96.
Caller: Hi, are you off the air right now, or is it just my radio?
Me: We're off the air. The transmitter went out. Our engineer is working on it now, so we'll be back soon.
Caller: Well, could you announce that on the air? So people won't think it's just their radios?
Me: Sure. I'll announce we're off the air as soon as we get back on the air.


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #62 on: April 24, 2010, 11:25:10 AM »
Background: about two years ago, there has been in my country, Romania, a widely publicised case of a missing person: a female lawyer, named Elodia, disapperared from her home never to be found again. Allegations have been made that she had been murderd by her husband because of infidelity. Partly because it was a very "juicy" story for the tabloid media to tell (s3x+ violence), and partly because the name Elodia is extremely uncommon and even, many people would consider, strange/funny sounding for the Romanian language, the case has been very agressively promoted- on TV especially; mainly one very sensationalist tv station made repeated (unsupported) claims that they were about to find Elodia and invited on-set certain persons who claimed to have informations about her, although they turned out to produce nothing but begging-for-attention gibberish. Unfortuanetly, this has been a case when the tabloid media ended up kind of turning a sad story into a laughing matter. From the media, the "Elodia case" made its way into pop culture- we have Elodia jokes, a flash online game called "find Elodia", there has been a viral video by an NGO encouraging young people to vote, claiming they're trying to find Elodia and bring her to the polls, and so on and so forth. End BG

This morning, my mother gets a call; the voice really sounded like a child- and the kiddy voice says: "Excuse me, are you Elodia?". Em...Last time we checked she wasn't  :P
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #63 on: April 24, 2010, 11:52:53 AM »
The mysterious triple caller. One night about 7 the phone rang. I answered, and there was no sound on the other end. I hung up. The phone rang again. Again, no sound. The phone rang a third time, no response again. Fifteen minutes later, the same thing. All evening long, every 15 minutes, a series of three phone calls. Once I heard a man's voice speaking in a language I could not identify, but that was it. I ending up calling the phone company about it, but they said they couldn't do anything. I finally had to turn the ringers off on all my phones. Checking my answering machine the next morning showed that the calls continued until 3 am.

ZOMG ... you had number stations calling you!!!!!
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #64 on: April 24, 2010, 11:54:42 AM »
For a while someone was calling and pushing buttons. I started pushing the same ones back at them and for a few months every once in a while they'd call and we'd have a nice game of Simon. No idea who it was.

Hee hee!

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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #65 on: April 24, 2010, 11:57:00 AM »
Upon seeing the title of this thread, all I could think of was, "They're coming to get you, Baaaarbara!"

You and me both! Jeez, that sorta dates us, doesn't it?
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #66 on: April 24, 2010, 12:00:46 PM »
We got a phone call from the children's hospital recently leaving a long and detailed message about her son.  He apparently is at the hospital undergoing a procedure.  They wanted her to call immediately back to make some decisions.  So, seeing how this sounded important I called them up and explained that they have the wrong number.  They asked me if I was sure because she had just given them my number when her son was admitted. 

Mama Isabella and Papa Ferdinand moved (with us) into their current house in 1975. So, like, 35 years ago. They have had the same phone number since then.

Every medical emergency - and we have had plenty - Mama Iz, when asked for our home phone number, would give out Papa Ferdy's parents' number, his sister's number, her parents' number ... once, her work number ... but a number she can dial in her sleep, nope, she can't remember it under stress.

Her excuse - which frankly I find totally plausible - is that you don't ever dial your own home number, so why know it?
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #67 on: April 24, 2010, 12:08:36 PM »
we got a handful of phone calls one year for "the Fulton county sheriff's office". Most people were fine when we told them it was a wrong number.

One woman insisted that we were indeed the Fulton county sheriff's office! She read off the phone number, which was our phone number, and then informed us that the FBI computer said this was the number for the Fulton county sheriff's office, and so we must be the Fulton county sheriff's office.

My Mom was getting rather annoyed at this woman's tone and her insistence that she was lying, so she replied "You have phoned a private residence in CANADA! We don't CARE what the FBI computer says!! We are NOT the Fulton County Sheriff's office. Goodbye!" and then she hung up.

We later got a phone call from the FBI! Turns out we have the same number as the sheriff, but different area codes. When our area code changed recently there was a mix up on their end, and the sheriff's number was accidentally changed to our number in their files!


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #68 on: April 24, 2010, 01:16:27 PM »
When I was a deputy DA in California, the junior deputy pool number was, let's say, 555-2222 and the main number for the local state school for the hearing impaired was 555-3333. That made for some interesting wrong numbers, especially since the DA's office had only one TTY line and it wasn't that number.

DH has been divorced from the PHBFH for 15 years but we still get occasional calls for her from her bar-hopping days. I would love to give them her new number (especially since she'd remarried >:D) but that would be wrong. And bad. And evil ... but fun.
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #69 on: April 24, 2010, 02:20:04 PM »
A few weeks ago:

Caller: Hi, can I speak to the business owner please?
Me: Uh, no. This isn't a business. It's my house.
Caller: What?
Me: Yes, it's a house. Not a business.
Caller: Why?
Me: Because it's a house.
Caller: Oh. Sorry. *hangs up*

Very confusing.


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #70 on: May 12, 2010, 08:56:55 PM »
Area code confusion with a twist:

Back in 2002, I get a phone call on my cell asking for say, "Rupert Winthrop". I tell the person he has a wrong number. He asks "is this 555-1234"? I say it is, but that this is not that person's number. He says "I am looking for Rupert Winthrop of Caldecott" (a town just west of Pigsburg, the city in Florida where I lived just before moving out and where my folks still reside).

Turns out that when I first moved to FL, Pigsburg and Caldecott were still under a certain area code, the same as the closest major city of Bovinia- but less than a year later, they changed to a brand new area code. Person was calling the number with the old area code- which was still in use in Bovinia, where I now lived. However, the switch had happened a good 6 years earlier- which was what made this phone call weird!
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #71 on: May 12, 2010, 09:13:23 PM »
A few months ago, my husband got a great wrong number.  Pretend his name is John Joseph Jones.

Female Teenage Caller (FTC):  Is this John Jones?
DH:  Yeees . . .
FTC: Is this John K. Jones?
DH:  No.
FTC:  Do you know Karen Smith?
DH:  No.
FTC:  Well, this might sound weird, but I think you are my father.
DH:  (shocked laugh) I promise you I'm not your father.
FTC:  (laughs) Ok.
DH:  I'm sure it's difficult to call people to see if they are your dad.  Good luck.

So, despite DH saying he had a different middle name and that he had not known or KNOWN her mother, this girl decides that he is her father.  :)

P.S.  I've been with DH since we were 16, so I'm reasonably sure that he has not fathered a child with anyone else. ;)


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #72 on: May 12, 2010, 11:23:50 PM »
The phone in our staff room is one number off the hospital's surgical booking office. Since it's not a main phone, we're usually pretty sure that if that phone rings it's a wrong number, so we make sure we identify ourselves/our department when we answer the phone.  Most of the time it's people wanting to find out their surgery time.  I'm always surprised by how people will listen to us answer the phone, not even notice that we haven't said "surgical booking office, how may I help you?", and rush to give us all the details of what surgery they are going for and wanting to know when to come in.  It's gotten to the point that we've posted the surgical booking office's number beside the phone.  Unfortunately it appears that someone who works in the office is actually giving out the wrong number, as the person dialing often quotes our number as the one they've dialed. 


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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #73 on: May 22, 2010, 02:39:30 PM »
I'm bored and it's hot, so here come a few more:

I was reading my LJ entries from around this time in previous years- and two out of seven entries for a similar calendar date involved wrong numbers! One was asking for a "Phillip Hutchings"- and she asked me if I knew him! The other one was asking for a "Sharon Demming" and asked me if I knew where to locate her! I went into librarian mode and asked him if she was part of a business he was searching for- nope, he just confirmed if he had dialed 555-1234, which was my number indeed. Friend thinks he met a girl at a club and she did not want to give him her number so she gave her a wrong one which happened to be mine.

A lady was asking for someone by a name very similar to mine- but I am the only one in the planet with my name. She said she had bought a house from me in New York! She was searching for someone with the much more common Purple version of my Muscatel surname.

A message left for Amanda about a job fair. My outgoing message does NOT reveal my name (avoiding stalkers)- but I have a distinctive voice that is easy to remember and spot.

On New Year's Day, my family is visiting. Phone rings, brother picks it up. When I return from taking my mother and grandmother to the mall, my brother says "Jeff called. He wants his truck back". Turns out somebody had left his truck at someone else's house in order to avoid driving drunk and now wanted it back.

Multiple messages from a Greg asking for a Jolene- or was it the other way around?

And as soon as I moved into my condo, I started getting debt collection calls for more than one person by more than one company. I kept the same landline number- but had not gotten them till I moved into the condo, never at the old apartment.
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Re: Baaaaarbaraaaa? (aka weird phone calls)
« Reply #74 on: May 22, 2010, 03:20:38 PM »
I was working on an emergency project. Not exactly disaster relief, but similar logistics. Government workers and contractors swarmed into an area and took over most of the available lodging. I wound up living for weeks in a trucker motel. Previously, the only women who rented rooms at the motel were in, um, the entertainment profession.

One night I was awakened by a call.

Caller (male with a thick US southern accent, quite obviously drunk): Y'all got a ladder?
Me (half awake): Huh?
Caller: Y'all got a ladder?
Me: A ladder?
Caller: Yeah, for gettin' into the cab. Y'all got a ladder?
Me: No
Caller: Well, ya see. Ah'm a trucker and Ah thought y'all might be into (pause for effect) haulin' freight?
Me: NO!

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