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Author Topic: Home Sales etiquette  (Read 2897 times)

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Home Sales etiquette
« on: March 09, 2010, 06:07:24 AM »
For those occasions where you invite someone into your home to give a sales presentation -- 

For salespeople:
1. Don't bash other companies in the same industry.
2. Be considerate of people's time. 
3. Pay attention to what the customer says they're looking for and interested in.  If the customer says they're interested in glazed tile, for example, this probably isn't the time to devote half your sales presentation to the benefits of linoleum.
4. Make sure all the facts that you give can be backed up.  Telling the customer that no one else in your industry offers x when three other companies do, or that your BBB rating is an A if it's a B, decreases your credibility and makes people less likely to buy from you. 
5. If you try a hard sell and it isn't working, don't keep pushing.  Again, it makes people less likely to buy from you if they're uncomfortable with your sales tactics.

For the customers:
1. Be considerate of people's time.  Just as you've taken time out of your schedule to meet with the salesperson, they've made time in their day to meet with you.  If they've said a consultation normally takes an hour, don't keep them there for two hours asking questions; make another appointment for them to come back.
2. Be prepared.  Know what it is that you're looking for, and roughly how much you'd like to spend.  Do some research on the product, if possible, so you know what questions to ask and what answers to look for.
3. Be courteous.  Even if you decide within five minutes that you won't be buying from this person, still be polite.  You don't have to finish hearing the presentation, but don't be rude.  Thank them for their time or for coming.


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Re: Home Sales etiquette
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2010, 12:29:18 PM »
For people selling for companies such as MaryKay, Candlelite or Amway, ect:

*Do not lie to your friends or family to get them over to your home for a sales presentation.

*Take No for an answer.

*Do not always be pushing your products/services on your friends/family. If they ask you about a product, that is fine.

For Hosts/Hostesses of these "parties":

*Do not make these "parties" the only time I ever hear from you.

*If people say they cannot buy products, do not push them to attend to get your numbers up. (I always hated this because I felt like someone showing up to a birthday party without a gift...everyone would buy something but me.)

*Make sure you have plenty to eat and drink.

*Remember that this is a Sales Party not a social get-together. Make sure everyone invited knows that it is a Sales Party.

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Re: Home Sales etiquette
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2010, 12:32:05 PM »
I don't agree with #1 under for the customers...  If I have questions that need to be answered before I decide to use the service, I would expect them to be answered at that meeting - not make another appointment because their other appointments are more important than mine.  If that makes me a special snowflake, then it makes me a special snowflake.

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