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What weird/outrageous requests have you seen on Freecycle/Craigslist?

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This morning, someone asked for 10 square-dancing crinolines on my Freecycle list.
Last week, someone was asking for a free CPAP machine (again on Freecycle).

Methinks some people don't understand the value of what they are asking for... ???  What weird or outrageous requests have you seen on Freecycle recently?

I've seen people ask for working cars, flat screen tvs, and Wiis. Yeah, good luck with that.

I've asked for old metal bed springs. And got them. DH made a harrow from them.

The oddest I ever saw was for an offer, not a request. The subject header said something like, "OFFER: Fence-jumping goat." Apparently, the goat was able to jump their fence, and once he was over, the other animals followed.  ::)

It gave me quite a laugh. I tried to convince my husband that we couldn't say no to a free goat, but apparently we can.

I once put an ad on Criagslist to pay someone $50 to come haul away/burn my ex's couch.  :) 

L.A. Lady:
My local Freecycle seems to get a lot of requests for condoms and other types of birth control. I have no idea why.  ???

There is also a lady that likes to post about once a month, giving away her freezer food that she cleans out of her fridge. One item was some lamb chops that had been in her freezer for about 2 years.


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