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I just had this one happen to me today, so I thought I'd start a thread on it.

When there is a home for sale on the market,

Please do not walk up to the picture window in front of the house, lean on the glass with your spouse, put your hands up to your eyes and peer into the house. We still live in the house and are most startled to come downstairs and see you peering into our home, and we don't really care for that.

If you have any questions about the house, ask.

Please leave the home the way the homeowner has it. If you open a closet or a cabinet, don't rifle through the owner's belongings.

Please leave the lights on if they are on when you get there, or off  if they are turned off.

Also, adding to this:

Please don't schedule a showing at an early time on a weekend, then show up for it 2 hours later without a courtesy call.

You are responsible for compensating the homeowners for any damage you or your children cause to a home or contents that you are viewing.

And one more that happened to me also that I just remembered:

When you arrive at the home, please let the homeowner know you are there to look at the home. Do not wander around the house, and all through the yard without telling the homeowner first. The homeowner will be startled to see strange people walking through their yard and property without knowing who you are.

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