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  • September 26, 2016, 09:28:41 AM

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Author Topic: In-Law Stories - The good, the bad and the wacky  (Read 106129 times)

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Re: In-Law Stories - The good, the bad and the wacky
« Reply #615 on: Yesterday at 09:34:15 PM »

Now for a problematic one: a coworker is expecting a little girl right around the new year, and her MIL is doing that thing of insisting she be allowed in the delivery room. Coworker doesn't want to be around the woman on a good day, let alone when she's in massive pain, and butt naked. Her husband is staunchly on her side against his mother being there, so the MIL has taken to complaining to the family at large, and has thrown these histrionic crying fits when she talks to her son on the phone. Her husband is just the sweetest man, and it makes you wonder how this passive aggressive woman who acts like such a narcissist could have raised such a great guy. I love seeing a man who has his wife's back, and in the future, when my own kid gets married someday, I hope that he's the same way with his future wife. (Not that I'm planning on becoming *that* MIL! I want to be a person my future daughter in law genuinely likes.)

The husband is so nice because he has seen the opposite and has also found it up is the best way to deal with mom.

If anyone except my husband wanted to be in the delivery room with me, I'm sure I would have said, "You have got yo be kidding!" That is so very personal. At best I would worry about getting in the way of people working. I  wonder how the people she is complaining to are reacting. With all of our grandchildren and those of friends and other relatives having babies, I only know of one whose mother was in attendance and one whose daughter was there, and one who was having twins so the extra family member could track one of the babies if there was an emergency and they got separated.

Yeah, at my insistence I just had me, my DH, my doctor, the nurse, and the air conditioning repairman  :P (He was super-embarrassed that they sent him to find out what was wrong just as my doctor came to check on me, and was very discreet, but darn it I wanted the air fixed! It was freezing in there!)


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Re: In-Law Stories - The good, the bad and the wacky
« Reply #616 on: Yesterday at 09:39:15 PM »
Snicker!  AND the AC repairman!  That's hilarious!
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Re: In-Law Stories - The good, the bad and the wacky
« Reply #617 on: Yesterday at 09:55:35 PM »
Snicker!  AND the AC repairman!  That's hilarious!

And I'll bet none of his coworkers believed the story he told that day!   ;D


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Re: In-Law Stories - The good, the bad and the wacky
« Reply #618 on: Today at 01:20:13 AM »
Echoing ArtK-- wait until after the baby is born.

Ex-In-laws from hell (ex-MIL, who would have dragged her husband, but did want to bring ex's 3 sisters, their spouses, adult niece and nephew to hospital delivery room) because they had planned on "seeing the whole show!"  um...nope, no way, no how, my private region is just that, private.

We did as Artk said. Only my mom and dad knew (planned silence) when I went in to labor, my parents didn't even tell my siblings - first grandchild, even. 41 hours later,  Phone call: "hey Mom, it's a girl!"  thankfully, so few visitors, then home the next day.

Angry IL's all around, but happy mommy and baby was more important, TYVM.

***We blocked all but immediate family by name to be visitors. Who the eHell were the almost 60  people near rioting trying to get in to see the baby?!  Ahhhh it was exMIL's 13 siblings-plus trying to get a peek to see if daughter "looked" like her father. Cuz, you know, baby's mama was surely a w*&%# and all.  >:(
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