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Author Topic: Special Snowflakes: Pet Edition  (Read 16791 times)

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Re: Special Snowflakes: Pet Edition
« Reply #225 on: Yesterday at 11:46:28 PM »
We have a baby gate on the bedroom door, to allow one of us to sleep in peace, now and then...

Right now, our deaf Bull Terrier is barking to be let out of the bedroom, even though the gate is not locked. Yes, he knows how to push it with his nose.

Oh, wait, my bad - he wants me to come to bed!  ::)

Good night!
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Re: Special Snowflakes: Pet Edition
« Reply #226 on: Today at 02:04:36 AM »
Cookie the ancient co**atiel has just earned snowflake status.  Now normally we hardly even notice Cookie exists.  He's quite the elderly bird, having achieved the ripe old age of 23, and still going fairly strong.  He doesn't do much.  He hangs out in his cage, wanders down to his food and water a few times a day, and serenades us with the song of his people in the mid-morning hours.  If we take him out of his cage he flies just long enough to get back to the top of his cage and stares at the wall until somebody puts him back in.  He's an old bird; much older than most birds of his type generally live, so we're just caring for him and keeping him comfortable and letting him do his thing.  My desk sits in a corner against a window.  His cage sits right in front of the left hand drawers of my desk, against the wall, so he's right to my left when I'm sitting in my desk chair.

So why is he a snowflake?  I'm pretty sure I just got curse out by him for blowing my nose.  I didn't even make that much noise, but as soon as I blew into the tissue he flapped his wings and started squawking louder than I've ever heard him, and is currently attacking one of the toys in in cage with a fierceness I'd expect out of a female bird protecting her new hatchlings! He'd been quietly staring at the wall before that. Note to self: don't blow my nose  around the little bird.
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Re: Special Snowflakes: Pet Edition
« Reply #227 on: Today at 06:15:51 AM »
  Hopefully the photo thingy works, lol!

If it does, this is Astro Boy. He is a chihuahua, Jack Russel, something, something cross. He would sit like this all day if allowed, perfectly balanced (I'm not holding him). When he's nervous he demands, very forcefully, to be picked up so he can perch on my shoulder and swear at people, other dogs, cats and sometimes his own reflection.
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