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Author Topic: To neener or not to neener?  (Read 2543 times)

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Re: To neener or not to neener?
« Reply #30 on: Yesterday at 12:29:53 PM »
One neener that was pulled under my foots:
Last night we were looking on line at water bottles with my SO who wants to replace his metallic one (the freebie kind, he doesn'treally trust it, I think he's wise to). I ask him what's the capacity and he just won't accept the fact that it just cannot be a 1L bottle, it's the same size as my 0.75L one, a tiny bit smaller even! Small back and forth, I drop the subject (SO is the kind that will never really accept being wrong right there and then).
This morning he had left the bottle in the kitchen so I check it, as I thought, 0.75L.
But when I asked (computer chat) how much he wanted to bet on his 1Litre bottle he admitted to having checked this morning too, and that he was wrong ><, I didn't get to neener or get something out of it  :P

If it sounds petty it's because it is, but since he is such a know-it-all I now never pass an occasion to remind him (gently) that no, he's not always right. Anyone else and I wouldn't mention anything.


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Re: To neener or not to neener?
« Reply #31 on: Yesterday at 07:41:32 PM »
Back when I was working at Pet Planet, a customer came in and asked about the free bones we were giving away.  Free bones?  I hadn't heard of any such promotion.  The woman insisted, "Yes, free beef bones!  With a coupon!"  I checked our system for promotions and found none, so I asked for the coupon on question.  Smirking, she thrust it out at me and said with a huff, "HOW long have you worked here?? I can't believe you don't know the sales going on in your teensy little store!  You really should know.  I should complain that staff here need better training..." (ad nauseum).  I looked at her coupon, smiled and said, "Three years, actually.  And this is a coupon for Pet Land, not Pet Planet."

She sputtered and left.  I really wanted to loudly neener as she was on her way out the  door.  I do not miss customer service even a little.
"After all this time?"