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  • February 05, 2016, 07:04:19 PM

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Author Topic: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread  (Read 109204 times)

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Re: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread
« Reply #1605 on: February 01, 2016, 12:25:19 AM »
I frosted the cake that I made yesterday. Took the clothes to the Laundromat, brought them home and got them put away. Made potato salad. Then, because DH didn't get back from errands when he was supposed to, I put the ham in the oven. (Best part of the day was DH's heartfelt thanks when he finally got home and realized that dinner was going to be on time!) Had DS and DDIL and DGD over for dinner. I did the dishes and am done for the night!


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Re: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread
« Reply #1606 on: February 01, 2016, 04:33:26 PM »
Let's see...

changed the sheets
handwashed some delicates
put canvas soles on a pair of slippers
finished making the ginger ale concentrate and put it away
finished this week's assignments for my course
got a start on this week's assignment.

Think it's time to take a break.


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Re: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread
« Reply #1607 on: February 01, 2016, 05:27:41 PM »
Had three classes this morning, two of them back to back, and then after a two hour break had taekwondo followed by meditation club.


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Re: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread
« Reply #1608 on: February 01, 2016, 07:52:15 PM »
Started unpacking from last week's trip.

I called to confirm that a check that was mailed for annual dues showed up in time that we would not owe any late fees.  I was told that it did show up and should be sent to the bank in a day or two (most places seem to process checks faster than this business - the delay was bothering the family accountant - aka VorGuy - as he knows that checks are processed a lot faster than they used to be).

I emailed a contractor about doing a couple of jobs in the master bedroom & bathroom - I hope to hear from him soon.

Got a "new" used laptop from eBay in the mail & took time off to set it won't boot up, blinking diagnostic codes reveal that either the RAM is loose, the RAM is bad, or the motherboard is dead.  I reseated the RAM (more than once), replaced the RAM with a couple of sticks "borrowed" from a working laptop (reseated that more than once), and contacted eBay & the seller with the news that the laptop appears to be DOA.  Durn it...I wanted a working spare of this make & model, as VorGuy appropriated my existing spare for the downstairs office (docking station & monitor stand make it easy to use when printing & the monitor size can be adjusted to be much, much larger - VorGuy does not want to have to use reading glasses at the computer - which is why that one has a 24" screen).  But it left me without my "spare"...or at least without the spare that clicks into place on the docking station & monitor stand upstairs...

We went out for an early dinner, did a little grocery shopping (out of town for the last week), and then came home & put groceries away. 
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Re: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread
« Reply #1609 on: February 02, 2016, 04:25:03 PM »
I went grocery shopping, did some dishes, made lunch, and prepped my dinner for work.  I was caught up enough on laundry to not have to run a load, which is itself an accomplishment!

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Re: The 'I Accomplished Something Today!' Thread
« Reply #1610 on: Today at 02:47:21 PM »
I'm making a list here in hopes that I will get at least some of this accomplished this weekend:

Cook the beets
Cook the parsnips
Cook the rutabagas
Cook the broccoli
Buy cream of celery soup
Make carrot casserole
Make up freezer dinners with all these veggies - I already have some meat in 'TV dinners' and I have more to cook in the freezer
Find my passport
Complete my renewal application for my passport
Buy dog food
Buy cat food
Help BF with some paperwork he needs to get done, including a passport application
Help BF begin to study for some certification exams to upgrade his skills during a layoff

And I'm putting 'relax and do nothing for at least 2 hours' on the list because there has been far too little of that, lately.
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