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What little things drive you completely up the wall....?

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The sound of someone eating, especially if I'm not eating myself. I have no idea why, but the sound of chewing infuriates me to the point where i want to punch the person. (i have never done this, just felt a strong urge.)

The sound of cardboard rubbing on cardboard. It makes my teeth feel funny and makes me come out in goosebumps every time. The same with the texture of those green, plastic pot scourers. I can't touch them for more than a few seconds without gloves.

People mispronouncing words. I have yelled at the tv on several occasions because the person on the screen has pronounced something wrong.

Anyone but me touching my hair. Another thing that gives me goosebumps.

The feel of soap on my hands. I wash my hands often, but i have to rinse quickly and thoroughly because i loathe that slick sensation. That hand sanitizer stuff is even worse and it smells funny.

I just realized that i have a few sensory issues :-[

I thought I was the only one that can't stand the sound of other people eating (if I'm not eating)! 

I also am being driven up the wall right now, at this minute, because a dog somewhere in our neighborhood will not stop barking. I can't go to sleep.

Make it a quad.  I can't stand it either, and they don't even have to be smacking.  I can't take gum chewing or popping, either. 

Styrofoam.  The way it sounds makes me want to run screaming.

Can't stand for my socks to be not right.  Too tight, or askew on my foot ..  :-X  Can't take it.

There are more, but my carpal tunnel would kick in and we'd be here all night.  Those are the worst ones, though.

I realized awhile back that I suffered from OCD as a kid (before anyone knew what that was; my sibs just thought I was a little nuts).  I think some of this stuff is carryover from that.

I cannot stand for someone to be touching me with their feet. I don't know what it is exactly, but the skin is thick and tough and a light touch just feels ugh. It's not that feet are rough, it's just that they're feet. I can't explain it.

I don't like it when someone taps me. It makes my skin crawl. One of the first and most important rules my children all learned is DON'T TAP YOUR MOTHER. It makes me want to smack people.

I can't stand it when somebody reads over my shoulder. If I'm reading something, stay away from it.


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