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What little things drive you completely up the wall....?

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Ugh, Trying to brew the polyjuice potion in Pottermore!!  I keep doing it wrong and have to go back and get more fluxweed! Why can't that one ingredient last longer than one potion?


--- Quote from: Lorelei_Evil on March 14, 2013, 08:06:38 AM ---I have a rare spinal cord disorder.  Med students treat me like I'm the most interesting thing they've ever seen!

--- End quote ---

My mom has a rare condition with her eyes that is only seen in people with diabetes. The problem is that she was tested and has since been tested many times and she does not have diabetes. It is a rare anomaly that shows up in only a few people.

Every time she goes to see the eye doctor for a check-up, the doctor becomes fascinated with what is going on in Mom's eyes. They insist on dialating her eyes every time she goes in, just to look at this condition. She has gone to several doctors over the years to try to find one that does not see her as a medical sample to poke and prod. She is still looking.

The doctor that really got me though was the one who wanted to dialate MY eyes at one of my mom's appointments. I was there to drive her home since she has trouble driving with dialated eyes. The doctor wanted to see if I had the same anomaly. He became quite upset when I declined the offer. (For the record, I do not have the anomaly and neither of my mother's parents nor any of her siblings had it.)

Ok the medical students in the previous stories have behaved incorrectly. It reminded me something that happened to me in 7th  grade.

I went from A's to F's in Math. My parents went in to talk to may teacher. She admitted that my problem wasn't math. It was that I couldn't copy the info/work off the board in the time I had. Dad asked why she wasn't giving us hand outs like she had 1st semester. Was informed that the school was out of paper. Dad told her he would take care of it.

This launched Dad's famous paper drive. Basically he called every parent and asked them to donate paper to the school in protest to the school board. (For people from the Houston area this was Spring Branch ISD - which explains Dad's richest school in the richest district is not supposed to run out of paper rant. He also showed up at the school with a panel truck full of boxes of paper)

The teacher was also convinced that there was something wrong with my vision. So Mom and Dad took me to the UofH to be tested. I was tested by a doctor then by a group of students. I did need glasses. The students noticed that I moved weird. Basically I when I walked I moved my right hand and leg then my left hand and leg, instead of right hand left leg, left hand right leg. They determined I had a cross over. My brain is wired wrong and that explains a lot of my fine and gross motor skill problems. (I never crawled properly. I bear walked with my rear up in the air, moving same side hand and foot) They went back through my school records and found that my 3rd grade teacher had DOCUMENTED that she forced me to use only my left hand. This made the problem worse.

I was part of a medical study after that. As part of the study I got PT to help with my motor skills. My sister also was not put in that 3rd grade teacher's classroom. Didn't get the diagnoses of Dyslexia or dysgraphia for 6 more years - because my reading level was too high for me to have an LD.  :o

kherbert - quick question if I may?  Brain Gym exercises?

It's so important for babies to learn to crawl well and not be forced into "walking" prematurely, but it seems many people are never told of the reasons behind that (helps "set" brain signals correctly).

What about those who don't crawl?  I'm told I never crawled, but I didn't walk early either. I just rolled wherever I wanted to go.  My brother however started walking around 8 months old because our father tried to get him to walk early.

Neither of us walk oddly though, for having not crawled or in his case, walked early.


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