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What little things drive you completely up the wall....?

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Contractors who won't call you back.  We moved to a rural area and bought a house in April.  The house is 40ish years old, and while sound, does need a little attention.  We're turning a room off the kitchen into a laundry room - the existing laundry space under the stairs is not big enough for modern appliances.  The upstairs bathtub faucet doesn't work, and due to the old plumbing, it's a bit beyond DH's amateur skills.  And the garage has a lot of wiring done by the previous owner, and it's creative, to say the least.  So there's probably a day's work for a plumber and a day's work for an electrician.

I've called multiple electricians, including some recommended by coworkers and other contractors, and no one will call me back.  I've talked to one plumber, who did finally come out to look at the job 6 weeks after I originally called him, but hasn't corresponded with me since.  I get that these are one man shops; they don't have an office staff taking messages and coordinating things.  I also understand that there's a short construction season here, and they have to get in all the big jobs they possibly can before things essentially shut down for the winter.  But can't somebody just please call me and say, 'I won't be able to do anything until November 15th'?  I could live with that.  But this is making me insane.  My dryer sits in the middle of the kitchen.  I can't take a bath, my favorite stress reliever, because the downstairs bathroom only has a shower.  DH can't proceed with his plans to make a man cave/workshop in the garage, because we don't trust the wiring to not explode when he plugs in his power tools, and we don't want to put in walls until the electric is sorted.  I just want to give someone money!

People who don't have enough to do, but pester people that are busy! My DFIL, who was forcibly retired, keeps finding junk that is not ours and brings them to our tiny townhouse. DH is going to talk to him about it Sunday, or I am going to lose it!

When things get scheduled during my toddler's naptime.  My middle child was away for 4 days doing outdoor school and I got a call this morning letting us know to pick them up at 1:30 at the school.  Now the babe usually naps from about noon-2:30, so when I got the message I groaned a bit but sucked it up because well, the school had no way of knowing that.

But it's still annoying to have to interrupt his nap because then he gets fussy but because he's excited to see big brother again, he's too awake and won't go back down.  ::)

Has anyone else noticed that Snopes has recently become almost jammed with very annoying ads?

I belong to a special, closed Facebook site for people who have adopted from Guatemala.  It seems like every other post is for things for people to buy.  Granted, they are all cute Guatemalan products but I didn't really join that group to buy things.  Stop trying to make money off me folks!


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