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What little things drive you completely up the wall....?

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Puppies licking people in the mouth and face.

I love puppies, kittens, people babies. Just keep the slobber to themselves. Uck, uck,uck!

The sound of the squeaky toy my neighbor uses to try and catch her dog when she gets loose at 6AM. And her, calling the dog over and over again.  It happens at least once a week lady, maybe you should take stronger measures to restrain your dog.

Fingernails on chalkboard.

My husband borrowing my fingernail clippers and forgetting to put them back, forcing me to go find them, just when I really need them, too.

How slow my husband wakes up. Once I'm up, I'm up, and while I intellectually know that people are different, I still just don't get how he can not just be awake.

Also his sleep alarm, because he hits it about 4 times before he gets up. Really annoying when I don't have to be up that early.

Solanna Dryden:
The sound of someone humming.

Scratching your nails on drywall.

When I'm typing and for some reason, the curser jumps to a random place in the text and starts typing in the middle of a random sentence.

People singing.

Vegemite Girl:
People using cutsie words or euphemisims for their genitals or normal bodily functions.

Dogs in public, other than service animals.


--- Quote from: aventurine on March 16, 2010, 10:45:07 PM ---Can't stand for my socks to be not right.  Too tight, or askew on my foot ..  :-X  Can't take it.

--- End quote ---


And the sound of those high pitched electronic animal scarers people have on their cars. I can hear very high pitched sounds and those things make me twitch.


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