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What little things drive you completely up the wall....?

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--- Quote from: Doll Fiend on November 16, 2012, 10:10:11 PM ---Sounds odd, but people's belief in my abilities.

Picking up an old craft and reacquainting my self with it. Told a few people and now they are asking, requesting, and even demanding I make them things.  I explain that I haven't done it in almost a decade and need to almost relearn it. I keep getting told that I am talented and amazing and I can make them X or Y by this Christmas.

I am good at some things, but not that good people!

ETA: Craft is Needle Tatting.

--- End quote ---

Just to add, people who know I can craft and try to insist on "hiring" me.  "Can you knit socks for all my kids for Christmas?  I'll pay you."

Yes I can knit socks.  BUT I don't have a whole lot of time to knit and generally I have more projects planned than time so if I'm knitting, it's stuff for my kids.  People don't seem to get that payment is not an inducement for me to knit more.  If I knit more, I either have to 1) Neglect my house which is neglected enough.  2) Neglect my kids.  Um, no.  3) Neglect my job which would be OK except there is no way they are paying me enough to do that. 

The reason why they aren't buying homemade stuff on etsy or ebay is because it's too expensive.  So the expectation is that I'll do it for what turns out to be less than minimum wage.  STILL, they seem to be surprised that I don't knit for money.  (But I'll do it as a favor sometimes.  Like when my friend found out that her future grandson was likely going to live one or two days I crocheted a blanket for his only pictures.)

Why, when my company sends hundreds of overnight packages, and one of the FEW times we have one that's super important, the flights out of the courier's hub are delayed, and it won't arrive on time. UGH. thankfully i had all my ducks in a row before telling my one boss, and she was ok with it. its the higher ups who will have a coniption about WHY and HOW this happened.

That christening outfits are so pricey. Yeah yeah, I know, they're like wedding gowns in their heirloom potential but man, they're pricey...or I'm just cheap. LOL  The least expensive ones I've found for toddler boys is around $38 or so.  (The babe will be about 18 months when he's baptized)

Really? For an outfit he's going to wear one day for about an hour?   ::) I've mentioned getting something for Piratebabe to wear for his baptism and both DH and MIL have kind of turned up their noses at the thought of children wearing fancy get ups for their christening/baptism, and the thought of there being more focus on the frippery than the meaning of the event.*   And DH said "We didn't dress the boys up in anything fancy." Well true, but as I pointed out to him, they were older, I think about 4 and 3 1/2 at the time.  Not to mention, while they didn't wear the little white outfits, I did put them in something nice and made sure they looked especially cute.

*which I took some offense to, cause it's an important day and even if a person's not wearing something super fancy, they should at least look nice. I can't imagine anyone telling a bride that it's wrong to wear a fancy dress because if she is it means she's not focusing on the meaning of the event.  Dressing our child in something special doesn't mean I'm not mindful of the meaning of the ritual.

I'd make one but after looking at a pattern for a christening outfit in the Simplicity catalog I gave a little gasp and thought "Sheesh, I'm not anywhere near talented enough!" My best friend made a christening dress for her niece from her sister's wedding gown which is a cool idea, but again, I'm not quite talented enough for that. LOL

Outdoor Girl:
Piratelvr, if I might make a suggestion?  Hit a high end thrift store or a quality second hand kids clothes place and see if you can get him a white dress shirt and black/navy/brown/grey dress pants.  If you have any more events in the next little while that will require 'good clothes', you'll have an outfit ready to go, maybe changing it up with a different little vest.  This way, you get to dress him up without going whole hog.

Honestly, I would find it a little strange to have the full out Christening gown get up on a toddler.

I probably will do that, honestly.  I really don't want to drop $40 on an outfit that he's only going to wear once and truly, he'll be 18 months old, will be running around and those all white outfits are not going to be all white by the time we get him to church.

What annoyed me was DHs attitude that he doesn't need to be dressed up at all.  I said "Well maybe I'll just get a dressy outfit from Target or something and he said "Why do you have to dress him up at all? It's not about the clothes!"


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