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Seriously mind-numbing:
(my comments in red)
I recently attended the wedding of a friend that was beautiful right up to the end.  A tad of background information.  This couple "Bob" and "Jane" had dated for several years.  They ultimately broke up because of religion - namely Bob's.  He belonged to a very fundamentalist church that believed bigotry was ok if you weren't a member of their church.  Jane didn't want any future children raised in a faith like that.   I more or less lost touch with them and was surprised to hear they had gotten back together and were getting married.  I guess they worked out their differences.  Fast forward to the wedding.  The bride and groom were beautiful and everything went without a hitch.  Until the end.  The bride and groom, their attendants, the parents and grandparents all proceeded down the aisle to exit the church.  The ushers (members of the church - they were not part of the wedding party) then proceeded to close the doors to the church and stand in front of them - effectively locking the guests in the church.  Whaaaat?
For the next 15 minutes the preacher tried to convert all the guests to his religion.Oh my... Someone tried to convert me to a certain religion once in a kebab shop- and those were some looong minutes. At least I wasn't locked up.  We were told how we were going to hell because we weren't members of his religion. I've heard this line and I seriously hate it. How we had to accept Jesus in our lives and we were going to hell if we didn't - and only his church could help us accept Jesus fully.  The final straw was his speech on what a shame it was that bridal dowries weren't around anymore because a father deserved something for raising a daughter - the not-so-subtle implication being that women were useless and a burden to their families. Heard this line too. hate it too. Shouldn't religion teach us that all are equal in front of God?I was floored!    After his speech was over the ushers opened the doors and we were allowed to leave.  Never in my life have I been subjected to something so insulting.  If he had even couched it in terms of the couple - i.e. we are obviously important to them and they deserve our support in their religious life blah blah blah I would have been fine with it.  But to assume the people in the pews were there to be converted was unforgivable.  I'm sorry to say I will never attend another wedding celebrated by anyone in that particular faith - I'm afraid they'll hold me hostage again!I'd be, too!

On to my tale of woe--luckily, this wasn't my wedding, but my uncle's. He (and his family) were/are Roman Catholic and the (now ex) bride-to-be's was Methodist. For their wedding they decided to co-mingle their two faiths in the ceremony, having both a priest and a minister. I love the idea. If only those involved had a little wisdom...All seemed to be going all right (some snuffiness on behalf of the priest and a fair amount of "Popery!" from the minister, Wouldn't they, in Christian terms, commit the sin of pride?but they seemed to have a handle on things), until the ceremony itself. Picture if you will a full wedding mass, this was followed by the minister being first up to bat. He proceeded to announce where the Catholic church (in general) and the priest (in particular) were totally wrong on various questions of faith. Hey, dude, you're here to officiate a ceremony/celebrate the joy of the bride and groom, not hold theological debatesNext up, the priest, who gave his rebuttal to the minister's points and then got in a few zingers on the Methodist church and the minister himself. Idem.

That should have concluded things, however.... The minister bestirred himself again, rebutted the priest and began painting imagery of the "Whore of Babylon," all the while staring at the priest.Okaaay... Did someone say the w- word in front of the wedding party? Priest popped back up and started in on the pains of hell for those not following, "the one true faith" I hate that "one true faith" thingand drawing unflattering verbal descriptions of Henry the VIII and the various schisms that followed his establishing the Church of England. Long story somewhat shorter, 4 hours and 45 minutes later (!) they finally announced that uncle and wife were wedded. I kept waiting for the fist fight to break out or possibly a scoreboard to drop from the ceiling to show who was ahead on points.Tacky, tacky,tacky

I the first story. I would have walked to the doors and tried to leave. If prevented, I would have called 911 about the now hostage situation. Either the Bride and Groom were fellow hostages or they were in on the hostage taking.


--- Quote from: kherbert05 on March 27, 2010, 06:12:59 AM ---I the first story. I would have walked to the doors and tried to leave. If prevented, I would have called 911 about the now hostage situation. Either the Bride and Groom were fellow hostages or they were in on the hostage taking.

--- End quote ---
Me too. And if I didn't have a phone (this could have been pre-cell phone days), I probably would have climbed out a window, and then reported it to the police.

Where's the jaw-dropping smiley when you need it??  :o :o :o Rude, rude, on all the clergymens' accounts.

I remember when one of my cousins died several years ago, at his funeral service the preacher finished off his speech (not really a sermon as it was about the deceased) by giving those of us who were not members of the church a little lecture about how if we didn't accept Diety ASAP we were all headed directly to the Very Hot Place because Diety judges us all harshly...etc. Really? A funeral is not the place to be promoting your own agenda! I guess maybe he thought we would be feeling emotionally vulnerable following the death and therefore more open to joining his church. Nice.

Well the preacher in the first scenario's ridiculous speach would not have been heard over the fuss I would have made had I been imprisoned inside a church.
I don't care what your religion is, how crazy does someone have to be to think they have the right to *lock people up* until they agree with you?


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