• April 27, 2018, 12:30:05 AM

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Author Topic: From the blog: wicked witch of the wedding- bride berated for not being rude  (Read 10750 times)

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I don't think the LW was insulting the fake flowers in general. I think she was just bothered by the fact that her step monster found a way to insult her flowers, and called them too "modern" but didn't notice her own irony when insisting her own sons flowers were better even though they were fake.

Haha, it's amazing how much better I understand things after the allergy pills have worn off; thank you for re-explaining it to me, I gotcha now  :)


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I really like the idea of the picture that people sign. Should I ever get hitched again, I might do that. (But then, should I ever get hitched again, I intend to be far more portrait-worthy than I was the first time.)

No need to wait.  My mother did it at her 60th or 65th birthday, a blown up picture of her about 10, in saddle shoes and poodle skirt.  It's adorable, and it's in her office at home, signed by all the guests.
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When the WSM decided not to go to the pre-wedding parental brunch, why on earth did they try to cajole her to change her mind? I would have been privately celebrating her absence!  ;D Not to mention that if they acted like they didn't care about her non-attendance, she would have likely done a 180 and INSISTED that she be there.

It sounds like the letter-writer really wanted her stepmother to be a mother, or at least motherly, to her (perhaps at her father's insistence?), and is truly disappointed, but she needs to face the fact that this woman has no family feeling towards her, and will not be a part of her life. Waiting for congratulations on her expectations is futile.
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