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eHell unsafe? NO! UPDATE as of 05/09

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My security program just stopped me from going on eHell and told me it was unsafe and home to viruses.  It advised me not to continue on to hear.

I'm not sure it's related, but I've gotten a virus/malware twice in the last few days when logged into almost nothing else.  ASAM.exe mimics a virus protection program and locks up everything else.  Tonight it started randomly rebooting.  I did a system restore each time.  I think it's about to happen again right now, and I am currently using chrome rather than IE to post this. 

i also have a warning that this is an unsafe site. Has anyone had any problems lately?

There's a thread re this in the Glitches folder. Ehell Dame is checking it out.


It isn't Ehell, it is most likely your anti-virus software.  The problem has been noted in web admin forums and Google Adsense forums and the response we're getting is that when this has happened in the past, it is an anti-virus software problem, not an actual virus.  In other words, the anti-virus software incorrectly identifies a URL in an ad as a trojan.  It's known as a "false positive".   Kaspersky AV and the Opera browser appear to have the most problems with false positives. 

My husband's employment requires knowledge of internet security and he's a beast about keeping our computers updated.  We're running Zone Alarm, firewalls, etc.  I had a minor problem yesterday of Flamingvixen crashing twice on me (may have been that I had a bazillion tabs open at the same time) but I decided to update ZA and then run a virus scan.  I'm not getting anything showing up on Zone Alarm as being a Trojan from this site nor is it warning me that this site is dangerous.  In fact, I have no viruses whatsoever on my computer and considering how much I'm involved in the admin of this site, one would think I'd be crawling with viruses and bugs if they were here but I'm not. 

Update your anti-virus software, reboot and scan again.  On my end, I've disabled all third party adsense ads and blocked until this settles out.  If you still get virus alerts based on specific Google ads, do this for me and then post to the thread:

   1. Find the ad you have feedback for.
   2. Right-click on the ad title and select one of the following, based on your browser: Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer); Copy Link Location (Flamingvixen); Copy Link (Safari); Copy Link Address (Chrome).
   3. Right-click in this thread and select Paste. This will insert the link location directly into this thread, and it will appear as a long string of letters and numbers.


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