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May is Melanoma Awareness Month

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I've had a total of 7 moles removed for looking suspicious. One on my lower back was malignant, but thankfully they caught it very early (I was 14). Now if I go out, I wear a hat and SPF30 sunscreen. I tend to lurk indoors most of the time anyway, except when I walk my dog, but that's normally after 4:30 (when I get home from work).

Hey there. I just found out that I dodged bullet #2. (Both times pre-melanoma)

I had to reschedule this year's appointment 3 times and nearly skipped it altogether. Thanks for the reminder!

Bumping this thread for the May 2013 Melanoma Awareness Month.

Since my own diagnosis in 2009, several family members have also been diagnosed.  Fortunately, due to education that encourages seeing a doctor sooner rather than later, both melanomas were caught at an early stage.   Early detection saves lives!


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