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Things that you just should NOT laugh at.

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--- Quote from: snowfire on November 26, 2012, 08:07:27 PM ---A friend was telling me today about how she got her dog.  It seems she had been at her son's house and had seen his male Papillon doing his thing with the female Border Collie.  She told her son that they were likely to be getting some really interesting puppies in a few months.  Son protested that it was impossible as the Papillon was too small to ever be able to do anything romantic with the Border Collie.

Snerk, about a month later son called her up and said "You were right.  And you are taking a puppy.  How the heck did he manage that anyway????"   

Never underestimate the creativity of true love.... ;D

--- End quote ---

Any chance of pictures?  I really want to see what a Collillon looks like. :D

One from yesterday...

DH and I have been TTC for some time now without success, and since I'm now 39 and the clock never stops ticking, we went to the doctor to start seeing about possible medical interventions. I am now due to provide a blood test in a couple of weeks' time, and DH is due to provide a... different... kind of sample whenever convenient.

The doctor handed DH a closely-typed sheet of paper, and said 'Here are the instructions on how to provide the sperm sample.' We spent the rest of the appointment trying not to catch each other's eye. Really - you need instructions now??

And to top it all off, we stopped for petrol on the way back, and while I was waiting for DH to pay and scanning through his all-important instructions, I put the radio on.

The song that was playing? Love Shack.


I wouldn't be surprised if the instructions included things like "Please don't show up wasted/stoned" and "The cup is there for a reason; please don't make us clean up your mess."

Probably about the proper pre-collection sanitation - like the instructions for giving a sample for urinalysis.

Still funny to have it phrased that way...

Actually, I do work in a lab- the many ways that sample can be "improperly" collected aren't fit to write here  ;) :o >:D


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