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Things that you just should NOT laugh at.

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My younger sister died unexpectedly at age 29.  My older sister and I didn't like the way the funeral home made her look in the casket (frumpy, which she was NOT) and decided to spiff her up by putting on her signature cateye black liner and thick lashes.  Let's just say hilarity ensued (it is not easy applying eye-makeup to a corpse, especially when your own is streaming down your face from tears of sadness and tears of laughter) and the funeral home people didn't know quite what to make of the spectacle!  We were sortof perched on top of her casket to get the best angles for the eye makeup, and also curled her hair, and I swear she smiled!  It remains a really sweet memory for my older sister and me. But we probably should not have been laughing.  :)

gramma dishes:
^^^  Yes, you were quite all right to have laughed.  Your sister would have wanted you to.   And I expect she was laughing harder than either of you!  :)

Valentines Mommy:
Turtledove, you made me feel better about taking the bright pink lipstick the funeral home used on my father off his face. He would have hated it. It was definitely not his color.

My grandmother is approaching 90, she now lives with my parents.  My parents have a tree in their front yard with a few dead branches.  Grandmother has complained about the branches.  Mom did not agree with my idea of telling Grandma "Those branches aren't as old as you and they are already dead.  Take the hint already."

Colbert Report's clip with the oddest combination: The NYC Subway kittens and NYC mayoral candidates http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/428877/september-05-2013/kitten-subway-crisis---nyc-mayoral-race?xrs=share_copy

It doesn't get to the disturbing until around the last third of the clip.


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