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Things that you just should NOT laugh at.

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--- Quote from: AfleetAlex on November 13, 2013, 10:51:12 AM ---Did you get a date out of it? I hope so!  :D

--- End quote ---

Alas, no such luck.....so I guess it wasn't a very effective pick-up move.  ;-)  Maybe we should have called the desperately-last-flying-leap pick-up move. 

I have 2 I just have to post before I can finish this thread!

#1. My best friend Andrew and I share the same warped sense of humour. We were shopping for cards for the wedding of another friend, and for some reason we found ourselves in the “Sympathy” aisle. Well, it is quite remarkable how many sympathy cards can be misconstrued as wedding cards, if you have the right mind-set! “Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time”… “We hope you find peace during this time of loss”… “Time may dull the pain”… You get the drift. We were in absolute hysterics reading them, 100% inappropriately. Thankfully no one was really shopping for a sympathy card at the time. And the best part is… I myself got married this past spring, and as my “Man of Honour”, Andrew was invited to my bridal shower. And he handed me… you guessed it… a lovely Sympathy card! Thankfully my friends and aunties all thought it was a hoot! I almost died laughing!

#2. We rescued our (late) dog at the ripe old age of 9. We have no idea what life experiences he had before coming to us, but he was exuberant about everything! We took him out to my parents cabin the first summer we had him. We got him out of the car, and walked him around the back where the dock and lakefront were. My dad was out on the dock and called to my dog. Well, poor little doggie thought, “Grandpa!” and went high-tailing down to the dock at full tilt. Unfortunately, he had no comprehension of the fact that the dock was finite in length, followed by a drop into a cold Canadian lake. I swear his legs kept moving for a good few seconds as he flew off the end, right into the drink. It was like something right out of Looney Tunes. He was not interested in going swimming, ever again (but he was fine, just wet and shocked)!


A few months ago, I lost a sweet friend to a car wreck (I'll call her Minnie). Minnie was heavily involved in the same sport I enjoy, holding an office in our local organization and being the leader of the youth division of the same.She was just a very sweet, bubbly person, and as one friend said "If you knew Minnie, you loved her."

As word of her death began to spread through our community, there was great shock and then the outpouring began on facebook. One memorial post was, unfortunately, not worded in the best possible way. After many great things said about her work with our youth, it was ended with "My children and many others have been touched by Minnie."  I swear I heard Minnie  giggling along with me.

Speaking of Nativities, my grandmother always had one set up, as far back as I can remember and she told me it was the same one she'd had since my mother's oldest sibling, my uncle Ray, was a boy.  She also told me that one year, my uncle Paul, the youngest of the 11 siblings, then a young boy, had noticed that the baby Jesus looked a little grubby.  It was only natural after all, the nativity scene was about 20 years old by then.  Wanting to be helpful, he took the Jesus out of the nativity and gave him a thorough scrubbing in the bathroom sink with a nail brush.  When my grandmother found him (she must have heard the "dangerous quiet") and asked him what he was doing, he proudly held up the Jesus figurine to explain that he'd been helping by giving the baby Jesus an impromptu bath.  Before he could explain, however, he realised that his handiwork had resulted in the paint being scrubbed off the wooden figure, he opened his mouth to speak but rather than an explanation, he cried, "Jesus, where's your face??"  My grandmother said she never had a harder time holding in laughter than that moment.  It was so funny she forgot to be mad about the now-faceless Jesus.

GreenEyedHawk, that story made my day!


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