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HELP- pulled pork questions

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I have decided to do pulled pork sandwiches for 40 people for DD's baptism.  Which is better to do for pulled pork- boneless ribs or a pork roast if some kind?  Also- does anyone know how much I'll need for 40 people?  I have two standard size crock pots at my disposal.

I'm also serving potato salad, shrimp salad, fruit salad (canned fruit and cool-whip), chips, and sausage and cheese tray and cake for dessert.


The best cut for pulled pork is shoulder, usually called Boston Butt ( no idea where the name came from lol) and Picnic Roast... Any fatty pork roast is good because its the connective tissue and fat that melts and makes it soooooo yummy :)

You'd probably need at least 3 roasts, about 4lb each for that many people... I figure about 4 oz of meat per sandwich, which would be about 10 lbs, but you'd want a little leeway

I would season the pork with some salt and pepper, maybe some Cayenne if your the spicy type.
Slice up some onion, put some at the bottom of your crock pot. Put the pork in, then some more onion and fill it with water to cover. Then cook it for like 10 hours. Take it out, cool it ona rack over a pan.

To pull it, use a couple of forks and just pretty much take out your aggression on it. Then mix with your BBQ sauce of choice. :)

Basically, season it  and you just braise the heck out of it lol!

OK.. I'll leave out the immature butt roast comments.  Thanks for the info.  I pretty much plan to start them late Saturday night so that Sunday morning I can pull them apart, add the BBQ sauce and then transport them to church.

I would do at least 15-20 lbs of meat, because although boston butt is the best for bbq, it is very fatty to begin with.  After its cooked you have alot of shrinkage.  My motto: better too much than not enough.

For 40, I'd start with 15 lbs of fresh picnic "ham", 20 if you want leftovers, 25 if there are a bunch of meatlovers in the crowd. If I'm doing pulled pork in the oven, I usually add
pimenton (smoked paprika) to the basting sauce -- nice smokey  flavor with no work.

Here's my Nawth Ca'lina born FIL's sauce for pulled pork
2 qts cider vinegar
2 ounces of dried red peppers, crushed (I use poblanos)
salt and pepper to taste
Baste meat while cooking with the sauce, serve more on the side.

Since I'm the family damyankee, I baste with FIL's sauce, then serve both it and a smoky red sauce on the side.  I find most people put a little of both on their pulled pork. <g>

May I suggest you might want a side dish with a little more acid to balance the rest of the
creamy/fatty dishes?  Something like three bean salad or dilled greenbeans, perhaps?


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