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BG - my family, specifically my grandmother has a 2 bedroom house on the Delaware river, in a semi-touristy area.  Although it is possible to go wading in front of the house, the spot is very rocky (must wear shoes) and not really deep enough for swimming. A mini family reunion has been planned for the 4th of July weekend, and rather then end up sleeping on the floor the BF & I decided to rent a cabin a couple of miles away.  The cabin is on a lake & there is a pool as well.

Last week I was discussing the 4th of July weekend with my grandmother, a woman who is notoriously cheap.  I mentioned how excited I was that we would be staying someplace with a pool/lake to go swimming. 

Grandma "Oh, I'd love to go swimming there"
Me "Well I figured you'd come over for at least one dip in the pool"
Grandma "I should go see if they'd let me swim there for the summer since its so nice"
Me "I don't think they do daily swim rentals"
Grandma "We'll maybe they'd just let me"
Me "Why would they want to do that"
Grandma "So I could swim in the lake"
Me "No, I get why you would want to, I don't understand why *they* would want to do that since you wouldn't be a guest & their insurance probably wouldn't cover you."   

I thought I was pretty clear that she wasn't actually entitled to swim there just because we have a reservation next month, or that they would  be interested in just letting her swim there for the heck of it.  So this past weekend the BF & I went up to the house & I discovered that about 20 minutes away there is a gorgeous public pool where non residents could swim for only $6.  I ended up calling my grandma

Me "we ended up spending the day at X Town pool, it was fantastic"
Grandma "You should have gone over to the cabins & said you didn't have a reservation this weekend but you had one 2 weeks from now & could you swim there now"
Me  :o ::)  Beandip

Yep, that's my grandma, doesn't matter if you are actually staying someplace, as long as someone in your family has a reservation sometime, you should be entitled to go swimming there whenever you want. 

Did I do ok with the beandipping?


You did fantastic with the bean dipping.

You did great!  I am guessing your grandmother is not going to let up on this until *they* tell her no, so I am glad you have already started bean dipping. Practice makes perfect!  :D

You did great with the beandip!

FWIW, aahhhh, the Delaware River area. Love it! I lived not far from Bull's Island.

Thanks ladies, glad to know I'm on the right track.  Honestly my life has gotten SO much easier since I learned about E-Hell & beandipping - before when my Grandma was being ridiculous I'd get flustered, now not so much.


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