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Author Topic: Midnight Release Events  (Read 3748 times)

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Midnight Release Events
« on: June 28, 2010, 08:14:55 AM »
Good morning -

ShieldMaiden, Mom, Little Sis and I are going to a midnight release event tomorrow! Thought about posting this, since I know in a lot of areas midnight release events are excuses to get drunk and rowdy.

That is not our experience in our area, so a few basic rules that are true to our area are:

1.  The midnight release is for fans. If you do not like the movie/book the movie is based on and are only going to riff on the movie, don't go to the midnight release. That's just wrong.
2.  Yes, we are all very excited. Please do not scream and shout, there is no reason for it and no one appreciates it when they are stuck in line with you for 4+ hours.
3.  It long past when the theater is usually closed, I know. However, that does not mean that the rules of the theater are moot.
4.  Please do not bring alcohol to the theater because I will tell on you.
5.  Quiet during the movie. Impulsive applause, etc is appreciated as long as it is short of duration and has full audience participation. If it's only you and your seat buddy applauding, it means you have to stop!  :)
6.  Be kind and courteous to the theater workers. It is very late for them and they have to stay after as well - clean up your stuff so they can be done faster!
7.  No jumping line!! In my experience, it doesn't work because people who have been there since 9pm will have no hesitation pointing out that you slipped in front of them at 11:30pm. Chances are, you will be told to go to the back of the line or, in many cases, you will be removed from the theater.
8.  Saving spots in line must be reasonable. One or two people? Fine. 15-30? Unacceptable. I'd say any more than 5 people and they should get to the back of the line. (this happened last time we went to one of these and it turned into a HUGE thing as this one girl came at about 9:30ish and more people started trickling in behind her at around 11ish. The people who had been standing in line since 9:30 were not amused and the cops and theater management ended up making all the people that weren't there get to the back of the line. Then we got into the theater, and the girl was refusing to let anyone sit in two rows because she was saving for her friends  ::))

If you think of anything else, let me know!
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Re: Midnight Release Events
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2010, 08:33:48 PM »
Regarding midnight releases of books, if you put your name on a reserve list and you somehow find a way to obtain the book through somewhere else, tell the first bookstore as soon as possible. That way, your spot can quickly be filled by someone else.

Don't wait a week before the book release when they call you to remind you to tell them that.

(Admittedly, that was sort of a faux pas of mine. I signed up on a waiting list for a particular book and then signed up with my local bookstore, forgetting about the other one.)
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Re: Midnight Release Events
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2010, 09:52:11 PM »
Remember that other people will be sleeping, you may very well be giddy with excitement about the midnight release but keep the noise down when you are arriving at and leaving the theatre, particularly if you are in a residential area.

Also show some courtesy when leaving the area if you are in an open air location or park. Take some time to be sure that you have picked up all your trash and put it in the appropriate bins and have all your personal items as there's nothing worse than realising you dropped your keys and trying to find the exact spot where you were sitting in the dark.

Finally everyone is going to be leaving the carpark at once since they were all at the same screening so it's going to be a long slow process. Put on the radio, sit back and relax or walk down the street and get a coffee while you wait for the backlog to clear. Don't sit in your car and lean on the horn, it's not going to make the process any faster.