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Stupid question about allergies

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Does amaretto have actual almonds in it?  Can someone with a nut allergy drink amaretto?

Apologies for the ignorance...

It depends totally on the Ammaretto, and the person with the allergy. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but some are allergic to the essential oils in the almond, some to something else. Some ammaretto's have artificial flavorings, some natural. The best bet would be to ask to person if they can drink it, and if they can, what brand.

Sigh.  I was hoping to avoid asking my friend, because she has a habit of *lying* and saying it doesn't matter.  She's afraid of making a fuss.   ::)  The rest of us, being her friends, would prefer to keep her breathing.

I want to make tiramisu, and the recipe calls for amaretto.  Maybe I'll just substitute something else - kahlua or creme de cacao.  I'd rather be on the safe side...

I'd go with something else just to be safe. Most amaretto is made from apricot pits but sometimes is flavored with bitter almond oils. I just read 2 almond allergy information sites. One said it was ok, one said it wasn't :S. Better safe than sorry

Egg-zactly.  Some things I'd rather not take a chance with.


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