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Author Topic: I feel so bad for you- tattoo related  (Read 36142 times)

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Re: I feel so bad for you- tattoo related
« Reply #45 on: July 14, 2010, 02:28:19 PM »
My sister attended a family party in a tank top that visibly showed a very large tattoo, the Chinese symbol for horse, on her back. She smiled, "I can't wait to shock Grandma! She's going to be so upset." It was definitely said in a "in-your-face" way.

Granmda arrived, saw my sister and asked, "Anna, what's that say on your back?"
Sister smiled, "It's Chinese for horse."
Grandma replied, "oh, I thought it said Kick Me."

Grandma laughed. Sister didn't.

Go Grandma!

Why "Go Grandma"? Unless I'm seriously overlooking something in this story, the grandmother was the only one rude during that little conversation.  ???

The sequence I'm reading is:
1) Sister gets a tattoo and thinks Grandma will disapprove (and it seems she was quite correct). -- Not rude; her tattoos are her own business, not Grandma's.
2) Sister makes sure the tattoo is visible for a family party, with the intention of seeing Grandma's reaction. -- Arguably rude. Trying to "shock" someone and thus provoke a confrontation at a family party is rude or at least quite inconsiderate to the family. However, wearing an otherwise appropriate outfit that shows a non-obscene tattoo to a party does not seem at all rude. Therefore, the only reason I would say Sister was rude is because she stated she was trying to shock Grandma, which Grandma presumably didn't know about when this conversation happened.
3) Grandma asks what the tattoo says and is answered. -- Either party could be rude or perfectly polite, depending on tone, which was not described.
4) Grandma makes a comment about thinking it said "Kick Me" -- Rude. I really can't really think of any interpretation of this that isn't insulting (most likely implying that she was too stupid to check what it meant before having it tattooed).

My interpretation: Sister was rude by trying to shock Grandma/provoke an uncomfortable confrontation in the middle of the family party. Grandma was even ruder by actually starting that confrontation and making nasty comments about her granddaughter's quite non-offensive tattoo.

If I've missed something, can someone please explain why Grandma deserves cheering?

Sister tried to shock Grandma, and instead of being shocked or getting drawn into drama, Grandma made a joke. Doesn't seem rude to me.

I wonder if Sis had a history of trying to provoke reactions/get attention and Grandma was responding to that more than the tattoo itself.


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Re: I feel so bad for you- tattoo related
« Reply #46 on: July 16, 2010, 02:35:32 PM »
I don't currently have a tattoo (largely because I'm a needle-phobe), but I've seen a lot of beautiful ink.  I've thought about getting a small water lily, styled after Japanese print work, both because I love the art and because "Lily" is my daughter's name. 

In most cases, I think that ink can be really beautiful if done by a skillful artist.  I've seen some beautiful Yakuza-style body work that's made me think "pretty," but I also know that I don't have the personality to pull it off.  (One of my undergrads a few years back had a beautiful Yakuza-esque sleeve.)  On the other hand, I've got a next-door neighbor with Aryan Brother/skinhead tats that make me think, wow, this guy's a loser.  But it isn't the ink that makes him so.  I've also seen high school kids who've gotten ink who probably didn't think a whole lot about them, but even if they turn out to be a regret later in life, who among us hasn't done something stupid as a teenager?


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Re: I feel so bad for you- tattoo related
« Reply #47 on: July 16, 2010, 06:26:43 PM »

Reading this is making me want to get the Bajoran symbol on the inside of my wrist even more. I've wanted it for years but the partner-in-crime won't let me. I might have to get those removable ones, and when he gets used to it, I'll get the real thing.
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Re: I feel so bad for you- tattoo related
« Reply #48 on: September 06, 2010, 04:01:21 PM »
I get that all the time with my STYX shirt. I am too young to have been around in thier high holy days so people just assume I don't even know who they are. I have learned that all you can say is "that's an interesting assumption" and move on.

You came out smelling like a rose. Good for you.

OT, but that irks me. So I can't like Beethoven because I wasn't alive during his glory days?

I had someone snot at me at Moody Blues concert about me not knowing who they were because I was only in my twenties (years ago). He canned it quick when I started listing album titles and reciting lyrics.
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