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Author Topic: Tips for Reducing your Commitment to Unwanted Obligations  (Read 5767 times)

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Re: Tips for Reducing your Commitment to Unwanted Obligations
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2010, 06:40:36 PM »
I learned a good strategy recently from someone roping me into a voluntary job. Never even having attended event before, I was asked, and agreed, to help organise this year.

Not long after, the person who had asked me to help started putting my name on things as the main organiser and asking me how I wanted things done etc. Never actually coming out and saying I was supposed to be organising - just implying more and more that my opinions were most important, and referring people to me.

In the end, I figured if I was organising, I'd just organise it the way I wanted and started ignoring her input altogether and doing things to suit myself.

I certainly won't be involved in any way next year - I figure I've done my share now.

Good strategy though - get someone to agree to 'help', then dump more and more on them ujntil they're doing the whole lot.  ::)