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Aargh!! This is why I don't go to the movies any more!

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I've long since given up attending the movies on a regular basis, purely because of the unacceptable behaviour of some of the other patrons.  I was so 'shell shocked' after a visit on 3 January 2005 that it was 4 1/2 years till I returned.  Today though I gave in and took the boys and some of their friends to see "Karate Kid".

We were seated in the back row on the far side of the theatre.  However, we were still able to hear the ringing of a mobile phone of a couple on the opposite side of the room, not once, not twice, but three times!  Each time the girl answered it and had a conversation.  (This was on top of the other non-phone conversations this couple was having).  By the third call I complained to an usher (why I didn't complain after the first, and definitely the second I'll never know).  She handled it very well, by evicting the troublemakers.

The troublemakers didn't leave quietly though (surprise surprise ::)).  They thought it was a good idea to bash each other with their plastic shopping bags as they were arguing over whose fault it was that they'd been evicted :o (well, duh you're both to blame).  The girl troublemaker then went and complained to someone else seated in the middle of the room and sounded completely amazed that she wasn't allowed to use her phone in the middle of a movie. ???

One they'd gone that just left the 'standard' stupid, rude, ignorant people (adults) who thought it was okay to talk during the movie, the older kids (ages 8-10) from various groups who thought it was okay to stand up at random times, the rustling of the food wrappers...

The manager did give us free passes for our inconvenience/annoyance.  Not sure if I'll ever venture back in order to use them though. :-\ >:(

We've never had a huge problem with noise during movies (except for that one time during The Alamo when two older women were talking and laughing while everyone in the Alamo proceeded to die, which was so sensitive of them).

Our problem is that, when four of us went to the movies, it cost us $42 dollars for food.  We had free ticket passes; otherwise it would have cost us about $74 total.  Movie theaters really aren't worth it for us.

Now we wait for the movie to come out onto the movie channels.  We used to rent movies when they came out, but all the rental stores in our town are closed except for Blockbuster, and they want a credit card number on file (which I am not comfortable with as they automatically charge for late days, and I've had so many experiences returning items only for someone to not check them in, thus incorrectly charging me).

I always think this sort of thread is interesting.  DH and I go to a lot of movies.  I joke that once a movie is out of the theater it's dead to me because I don't like watching videos (I think I watched two dvds last year).  Last Saturday we went to 4 movies (Inception, Predators, Toy Story 3, and Knight and Day).  We didn't buy any food, so it wasn't that expensive (no problem for me, mom never let me buy the food at the theater as a kid and it's too fattening for me anyway).  And we really had no obnoxious people in any of them.   

Every time I read one of the many, many threads on someone rude at the movie theater, I'm always amazed on how lucky I must be. I go to the movies at least once every 2-3 weeks and have only been annoyed by other people twice in the last oh, 10 years of movie-going. I remember both of those times BECAUSE it was so rare. Both times, it was a children's movie and the annoyances were kids that I just felt were being given a bit too free a reign, but really, considering they were children's matinees, I couldn't even be too annoyed. I wonder where all of these bad theater are... Yay Virginia, I guess. :P

Wow that sounds highly annoying! Maybe it's because I haven't been to a kids movie in ages, but I rarely have problems with noisy people.

One thing that might help, is staying away from the big megaplex type cinema complexes. You might find quieter, politer audiences at some of the smaller and older cinemas? Just a thought.


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