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Rude to sleep in car?

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Iíve gone hiking with a group of people in the past, and this situation arose a few times. Now, it was done in fun and jest, but it got me to thinking about the etiquette implications behind it anyway.

One of the guys in the group took it upon himself to drive us all to and from the hiking spots, and he has a large vehicle that can accommodate most of us. He was perfectly fine with this arrangement, and it was always his idea to be the driver. After a long day of hiking, I am usually tired. So on the way back to our parking area from our hike, I would nod off. Every time I did this, he would jokingly give me a hard time about it, jostling me awake and telling me I wasnít allowed to sleep while he had to drive us all (not those words exactly, but similar). The others in the car concurred with him. I was kind of annoyed because I was so worn out, and could have used some dozing off time until I got back to my car and had to drive the half hour or so home. I always did my best to make sure I was healthy and well-rested before each hike, but still, sometimes you just get worn out anyway.

So, is sleeping in a car rude then? I mean, I know in some cases itís totally expected and approved of, such as driving a long distance (people in the car take turns on and off being sleeping passengers and then drivers). But is it rude or inconsiderate to sleep in the car in other situations? Such as in the situation above, where someone gets to rest while someone else drives? What if itís just you and the driver in the car Ė are you then being anti-social to them by sleeping or nodding off?

high dudgeon:
I don't think it's the vehicle that's making it rude, but the fact that you're still out in on an event with friends and wanted to nap instead of being social. I think it would be just as rude if you dozed off on his couch during a party because you had a long drive home afterward and wanted to rest up for it.

Also, I know several drivers who hate to have their passenger sleeping, because it makes the driver sleepy too, or they need that conversation and interaction to stay awake themselves. So there could be a safety element as well.

Maybe next time the group could arrange to go on a shorter hike? Or you could drive yourself separately, if you needed a quick nap first?

It's not rude in my opion.

Myself as a driver though, when I'm driving, I can't have anyone sleeping in the car either. It makes me tired and makes me want to sleep. So I can understand why he asked you not to sleep while he was driving.

I have a friend who used to tease me about being rude and falling asleep when he was driving.  Until I told him that he should feel honoured.  I really have to trust the driver or I can't relax enough to fall asleep!

He no longer says anything if I fall asleep in his car, just asks if I had a nice nap.

I don't think it is rude at all and sometimes can't be helped.  If you are tired, the motion of the car is often enough to lull you to sleep.

I'm on the fence on this one, but leaning towards a little rude.

You were still on a social event...if this were a long roadtrip, I would expect at some point, everyone to take turns driving/sleeping, but a hike with intermittent driving, not so much.  I understand that you were tired and wanted to sleep, but I'm sure the driver was also tired.

Besides, the fact that the group was socializing and you were, in effect, ignoring them, having someone sleep in the car, especially when the driver is tired, can make them even more sleepy, so it's not always safe or ok for passenger's to sleep.

If I were you, I would have tried to stay awake and used the social interaction with the other passengers and the driver to help.

But, had I been one of the passengers or the driver, I'm not sure that I would have continuously woke you up if you were that tired.  I think that's kind of rude too.


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