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why did my thread get locked?

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i honestly want to know what I did wrong, for when i post here in the future. I don't post often, so I'm a bit of a newbie here. I started a thread in the Techno-quette subforum and it was locked shortly thereafter, and am just a bit puzzled why. I posted about a friend's inappropriate comments on Facebook. Since i had seen other discussions in the same subforum about TMI posts on FB, friends' deleting FB comments, defriending others, etc i had thought it would be appropriate to start a thread about it, so I did. The first response I got seemed to be a drawn out condescending lecture on how i was taking Facebook too seriously. I was surprised and tried to clarify the reasons why i found the certain FB comments insensitive. then soon after, the thread was locked.  ??? Was it because of my response to the first reply..should I just have ignored it?  Or was it the nature of the thread in the first place? Suggestions are welcome. I apologize if i offended anyone in my thread, that was my not my intent at all. I started it because i thought that on this forum, I could find people to commiserate with , considering etiquette on Facebook/other social networking sites seems to be long-forgotten!  :)

I don't get it either. I was about to reply to it, then saw that I couldn't. :(

sweetneet -

I think it's because it came off as kind of a rant, which isn't allowed. I may be wrong though.



--- Quote from: PeasNCues on August 03, 2010, 09:58:57 AM ---sweetneet -

I think it's because it came off as kind of a rant, which isn't allowed. I may be wrong though.


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That's what I was thinking too.  I just read it, and in your first reply to another poster, you mentioned that you were ranting a bit.  That kind of thing tends to get locked quickly.

thanks for the replies!

yes, now that i look back on it, i do realize that i did sound like i was ranting in the first post. oops! i guess it was late at night and i had just spent a loong day caring for my infant son (who happens to be teething, woo!) so i guess i wasn't in the best of moods. :) also, in other forums i frequent, it is common for people to start threads just to rant about random things on their mind, so i've guess i've been partially corrupted by that as well.

anyway, i honestly didn't mean to stir up drama, i really wanted to hear others' stories on similar things. i know i can't be the only one who thinks people post too much information on Facebook! for next time i probably try to make it less rant-like (and also keep it shorter and more to the point too, i now realize in my first post i practically wrote a novel!).


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