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Contacting a stranger. Is this too weird? If not, how do I phrase it?

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Violet Tulip:
background - I have a very, very uncommon last name. I'm 99.9% sure that I'm the only person on the planet with my exact first and last name. There are less than ten people with my last name in the US, and I'm closely related to most of them (there's a musician in the midwest we're not sure about, he and my father couldn't figure out how they're related but they're from the same area in Europe, so we think they're probably 5th cousins or something).

When I was searching for my last name on PubMed (I'm in research) I discovered that there's a person with the same last name (and first initial too!) publishing papers from a university in Brazil. Recently I also found a woman on Facebook with my last name (not the same first name as the journal article author), also in Brazil. I'm tempted to contact the person on Facebook (so they could see my name), and say something along the lines of "Hi, we have the same last name. I wonder if we're distantly related", but I'm not sure if that's too weird. Ehellions, what do you think? If you were the person in Brazil would you be weirded out?

Go for it!  Worst case scenario they ignore the e-mail/don't reply.

I wouldn't be creeped out by receiving an e-mail like that either.


I wouldn't be weirded out; i would think it was pretty cool, especially with such a rare name.

Outdoor Girl:
Not weird at all unless your last name is Smith. :)

(Which yours isn't...)

I say go for it too!

My brother found a FB group of just guys with his first and last name (let's say Cedric Brown) there's a Cedric Brown group out there and all the members have the same name.  It's pretty funny.


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