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Does This Look Icky or Inviting??

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I'm having a dessert bar on Christmas night for several friends who have children.  I have a lot of 'grown-up' type desserts planned, and I'm still ironing out the 'kid-friendly' portion.

I ran across this recipe, and I'm just not sure whether it's inviting or icky-looking.

What do you think? 

If you have any other suggestions for fun kiddy desserts for Christmas, I'm all ears.  In addition to this, (for the kids) so far I have cookies, cupcakes, chocolate gelato and candy.

dirt/ mud pudding is a staple at our house for the holidays

We doesn't do the gummy worm thing with it anymore

Choclate/ peanutbutter rice krispies?  Put peanut butter into the marshmallow stuff then spread choclate over the whole pan full.

or depending on how much work you want to go through on party night and how many kids you could make "volcanos"  (we were at a Rainforest Cafe where they served these )

What they are is a pile of vanilla ice cream with 4 pieces of choclate cake (round cake not sheet) propped up around it to form the mountian, a bunch of whipped cream and a sparkler put in the top of it. And served with about a half dozen forks

PS-- I think the Cheescake thing looks Ick

The kids might like it. Personally, I'd pass on it. It doesn't look like real food to me, more like play dough or something. :-\

I think gingerbread men are good for the holidays, or even a gingerbread house they can take pieces of, if you have the time.

Oh eeew... that looks like clay ;)

Kids desserts - mini anything!  Mini cupcakes, small cookies, mini tartlets: all have gone over well here.

did anyone notice that the recipe on the website said to only use a half a cake mix and to discard the extra batter.

Anybody else here think that is stupid?  After all what are cupcakes for?


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