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following up a resume for a "till the position is filled" job posting

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This is the first time I've applied to a job posting that didn't have an application deadline. Instead, it said the position is open until filled. I regularly check the website it was posted on and sent my application a day after I saw it. What's the etiquette on this type of posting? I really want to follow up with them about the progress of their search. Did they find someone yet, are they interviewing already or is my resume kept on file and thanks but no thanks. With a deadline, I've always figured that it's a "don't call us, we'll call you". Any thoughts on how to proceed?

I think it's a don't call us, we'll call you situation.  A company is probably not going to tell you the progress of their search, it's not really your business.

Thanks. It would be for the best not to call them up. It's entirely up to them what the next step would be.

Did the posting list a date for beginning a review period?  Was there any sort of date listed in the posting/advertisement at all?

No, it didn't have beginning date or any dates really. It listed the hours, pay and a brief job description. The only way I was able to see the date it was posted was checking on the properties of the PDF it was displayed on.


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