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Under no circumstances will I be attending your stupid birthday dinner

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An article at Slate:

Under no circumstances will I be attending your stupid birthday dinner

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I guess I'll just comment on the article in general. I still enjoy attending birthday bashes. Last year, I flew out to DC for a friend's 40th birthday party. His wife organized a surprise party. It was a lovely affair; I hand a grand time. I also attended a 40th Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt. It was a blast. One of the groups cheated scandalously - instead of finding items the went to the library and copied magazines with photos of the items - but even that brought several laughs. I've hosted themed New Year's Eve Party (my birthday is on New Year's Day).

I am not getting the whole, "birthday parties suck," theme in the article. I've even enjoyed birthday dinners.

If this author were my friend, I would save him the trouble.  I wouldn't invite him to begin with - he sounds like a real stick in the mud.

In my group, should we do a birthday dinner, it's understood that everyone, including the birthday party, pays for their own meal.  Keeps the drinks from getting out of hand.

Lady Snowdon:
Next time I invite people out for my birthday, I'll have to keep in mind that it is my job to make sure we have a certain type of server, to make sure everyone I invite is within the same income bracket, and that I only invite people from one area of my life, to avoid awkward feelings.  ::)  If it's so hard for him to enjoy a dinner party, I'll save him the trouble of having to RSVP "no" in the future.


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