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Would you consider this status rude?

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A houseguest posts this as the status.

"Wt-! ugh....They are watching Harry Potter. Woke up to the theme song."  

Would you think it rude that they are complaining about you via FB like so?  

Additional info that one can skip: Not sure if this info is needed so...houseguest is actually niece who lives with us at the moment.  She has been with us for 5mths.  Will continue to live with us for another 5mths.  She is 19 years old and we support her financially 100%.  (her mom does not give us a dime)  

I'm a bit annoyed by her status because all she had to do was say something directly to me instead of using a PA method of communicating.  On the other hand, I'm not sure I would be annoyed if it were my oldestson who posted such a status.  But then, OS has no issue in telling us "lower it down, please." Sometimes it's hard to tell when to treat her like a guest or 'one of the family.'

Not sure if I should just ignore or address it.  It's not that big of an issue but if I don't address it now, what might she complain about next...on FB when I'd rather she just come to me and say something?

Was status rude?  Would you address or ignore? Am I overthinking and being too sensitive?  

Yes, it's rude.

I'm ambivalent about addressing it.

You're not overthinking or being too sensitive.  :)

If she's living with you for a year and you're paying for her, she's not a guest, she's family.

I'd treat her the same way you'd treat your oldest son.

I do think the status is probably in poor taste, but I don't think this necessarily needs to be addressed.  She was irritated and letting off a little steam on Facebook.  Not the most mature/thoughtful/effective response, but that's what she did.  I think that even under the best of circumstances, adults living together for ten months are going to have friction.  She probably didn't come to you about it because she recognizes that you were not doing anything wrong.  You were just watching a movie.  It happened to annoy her on a bad morning and she vented.  If she is otherwise pleasant and isn't giving you any indication that she is unhappy living with you, I would let it go.  

This happened last night.  Had she said something, I would have lowered it.  Actually, we are having a Harry Potter marathon this weekend and for some reason, the first movie goes high in volume during big action scenes and then we had to raise it for other scenes.  I was in charge of the remote and it was even annoying me!

So I do understand what she's saying...I just didn't appreciate it on FB.  I almost just want to say "Niece, I saw your status, if something annoys you, please address it with me instead of posting about it."

Yes, there has been friction.  *sigh*  I love my niece but we all have our own way of doing things.  And when she asked to move in with us (to go to vocational school not far from us), we warned her that this wasn't a good time as I'm homeschooling my youngest so she'd have to share that room with him.  (part schoolroom/part bedroom)  She said she was okay with it and now that we are getting ready for new year of school, she's moving things around the room...after I've already organized them in a way that suits me and my son.  So yeah, I think things are building. 

I just can't wait for Dec!  I hate to sound like that because it's been great having her here but I'm ready to have our space back.  And more money in the bank.  I never realized how much money an extra person add can to one's food budget!  Yikes!  And yes, that's another issue...her mom hasn't given me a dime for her support.  Still, DH and I want to help niece out as much as possible.  We want her to get a good start in life.  All we ask for is respect and, I think that's why the status annoys me a bit. 


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