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What do you call a man who doesn't argue about seeing the doctor?

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I wrote the above "joke" after VorGuy fell off a roof on Friday, woke up Ambrosia Hino (who still lived at home) to call me so I could drive him to the airport (instead of the emergency room).............I returned his rental car (and ended up taking him to the airport later) after I spent hours trying to force him into the car to see a doctor.  He finally ended up driving to see a doctor at the base (two thousand miles away) on MONDAY (three days later) and was chewed out for "failure to take proper care of military equipment".  He was shocked at being chewed out and even more shocked when Ambrosia Hino and I both said "we told you so".  (edited to clear up chronology a bit)

Thought I'd let the other women on the board with uncooperative spouses know that it isn't just THEIR spouse who does this...........even though it isn't funny when you are dealing with the man you love being too stubborn to go to the emergency room or the doctor.


Mine went into work when he was suffering from heart failure. You should have seen the look on our doctor's face when I told her what he had been doing the day she sent him to hospital!

shhh its me:
  What does it say about me or some of the men I know, I thought the punch line was dead?


--- Quote from: Merry Mrs Martin on August 07, 2010, 04:40:11 PM ---  What does it say about me or some of the men I know, I thought the punch line was dead?

--- End quote ---
me too lol

If he was dead - it would loose some of the "funny" - although there have been a few times I wanted to grab a skillet and bonk him on the head to make him unconscious! 


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