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My "Catch the kittens" saga. Pic in Post #5

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Akarui Kibuno:
Oh my :P .

The cats in the story :

Choco, my cat. Almost 7 years old and has a tendency to behave like a nice doggie, following people around. Neutered.
Tsuki, our second cat. She turned 1 last week and is taking after Choco, as in she sometimes follows me around when I come home. Spayed around 6 months.

Blacky, age unknown, probably 3-5, intact.
GreyCat, probably barely older than Tsuki.

The story :

Even before we got Tsuki, Choco was outdoors and would often "battle" with other cats. And come home wounded (visiting the vet accordingly) . With Tsuki here, it's less, and everything's good.

However, before we got Tsuki, at least one year before we got her this black cat started wandering around. We named him Blacky and were happy to have him around, very pretty and affectionate cat.

And then, at the beginning of this year, GreyCat started hanging around, too. No way to know if GreyCat was male or female... until, OOPS, we noticed the bumps and, ultimately, kittens. GreyKittenBlue (blue for the eyes) , GreyKittenYellow and BlackKitten. They're at least eight weeks old now, from what we've gathered. Except the high school we live in is a construction zone now and things change everyday, so it's getting more and more dangerous for GreyCat and the babies.

Since Mom is on vacation with the two little sisters, Pencil (21) called me last week, asking if I could come over on the weekend to go on a "Catch the kitten" game. Oh my.

We managed to catch GreyKittenYellow, much to his dismay (yup, a lil boy, I checked  ;D ) , and might get up around 8:30 AM to see if we can catch the remaining two. And if we can catch GreyCat, as soon as I can afford it I'll take her to be spayed, cause as cute as they are, I do.not.want a kitten army around!

We made GreyKittenYellow as comfortable as we could, with a clean litterbox, food and water. He's probably asleep and we're both trapped in the living room :D ... hehehe. Can't wait till I can hold him without being scratched :P

Akarui Kibuno:
Saga, episode two :

Little bugger got "stuck" behind a desk, and woke me up minutes ago (less than 5 hours of sleep : not fun) . I thought he was really stuck, so I got as many items off his way as I could. Turns out he was just protesting his condition... now that I've cleared the way, no more meowing.


Oh well, it's a good thing he's cute :P .

Hope the kittens are all right

Akarui Kibuno:
Still crossing fingers. The one we caught is hiding, Choco and Tsuki don't seem to care. And since I'm not working till Thursday, I'll be back at Mom's tomorrow to help care for said kitten, and if I'm lucky, catch the others.

Good luck! I have played many a game of "Catch the kitten" as growing up at my mom's house there was a stray who we named "Speckles-the-eternally-pregnant-cat." And her favorite place to have kittens? My mom's porch. She knew a sucker when she saw one.

Cat food works wonders for catching semi-feral kittens. That and patience. Those little buggers are fast.


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