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Anyone know of any good Iphone apps for this?  I think I'll be asking for a GPS for Christmas but until then all I have is my phone and about $20 to put into this new hobby.

Any advice or cool stories anyone has to share?

I never thought about an app for it! I just go to geocaching.com. Now to go look...

I found one with good reviews called 'geocaching' for only $9.99 but still wanted to get second opinions.

I don't geocache with an iPhone, but geocaching.com has a review of an iPhone app. I hope this helps. :)

There are two apps from geocaching.com . I recommend getting the free one (Geocaching Intro) to start out with. It gives you like 5 choices of geocaches near you.

I upgraded to the paid app with more ways to look up geocaches. It recently updated, and I like te format.


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