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Wrong amount in change - did I do wrong?

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hi all

I was at the grocery store yesterday

I was supposed to recieve 9 dollars and some change back.  I got 28 and some change back

When I noticed it - my girlfriend and I went back to the store

The line with the cashier was backed up to the point of no return.  So I went to the costomer service counter and explained and traded the 20 for a 1

Girlfriend said that I probably got the poor girl fired for goofing on a change thing (the 20 must have been in her ones spot)

should I have waited in line?

giving back the money is a no brainer - it wasn't mine to keep

just should I have given it back to the cashier?

Grocery stores have customer service desks, that's where I would have gone. No reason that the cashier's mistake should cost you a ton of your time, right? :)

For all you know, somebody else gave her the $20 in the place of a $1 and she didn't notice.  Her till at the end of the shift might have ended up being $19 over.  In the world of cashiering, that's as bad as being $19 under, and from my own experience, will get you disciplined just as badly.

As a former cashier, I personally would be okay with you returning it to customer service.  I'd be willing to get chewed out for that mistake and deal with the consequences.  There are a lot of scams people try to pull on cashiers, and had you come through my line and given me a twenty, even with a good reason for it, I think I'd be concerned you were up to something.

Normally when somebody claims that a cashier cheated them out of $, customer service would shut down the line, would pull up the computer records for what should be in the till, and would count out the drawer to double check.  Depending on the store, it's very possible that they'd do the same for this situation.


--- Quote from: Suze on August 08, 2010, 09:05:28 AM ---Girlfriend said that I probably got the poor girl fired for goofing on a change thing (the 20 must have been in her ones spot)

--- End quote ---

If she can't reliably handle cash, she is going to be fired sooner or later. That really isn't your responsibility.

You were fine.

I think it's better for you to risk her job (if that was going to happen, it would have anyway) than keep money that's not yours. Karmically speaking.  :P


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