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S/O Don't Do That - World's Ugliest Shoes

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So, as I posted in "Don't Do That," I broke down and bought a pair of Crocs because the cast shoe the ER gave me is so hideous.

Here are pictures of the respective shoes:

Clara Bow:
I am a huge fan of Crocs and have a veritable rainbos of them...all colors, many designs. Once you wear them you fall in love with the homely lil' boogers.

I think crocs are ugly, but they're also the world's most comfortable shoes. I have bunions on both feet and crocs are the only shoes i can wear for long periods without extreme pain.

Ooh, I hate Crocs with the passion of a hundred burning suns (from a purely aesthetic point of view, since I know several people who love them for comfort), but I think they beat out the cast shoe, because at least crocs come in many colors and can be hosed off when they get foot-stink in them...

This is one of the few things I disagree with Auntie Venom about.  I think they are awful and even though I have almost no sense of smell I can usually smell those coming.


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