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If you had one whole day to yourself, what would you do?

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I've been feeling a bit down because my job hunt has been just awful.  :(

But I've been trying to do something every day to keep my spirits up. So I've been spending time with my cockatiels, taking walks, reading some good books, drawing.

I was wondering what my Ehellions here would do for pure fun, enjoyment, relaxation. Not necessary costing alot of money, just things you might do if you found yourself with an unexpected free day at home and could do what you like.

Thanks for sharing and helping to cheer me up.  :)


If I wasn't sleepy, I'd go visit a botanical garden near here, bring a notebook, and make lists of all the plants I would want to try growing this spring. And take pictures!

Outdoor Girl:
Depends on how I'm feeling.

If I'm feeling lazy, sleep late, read in bed, get up and read while having a bath, make brunch, read some more, have a nap, make something for supper or go out and grab some sushi, read some more...

If I'm not feeling lazy, I like to work in my garden.  There is always something to do.

Hmmmmm...a whole day to myself at home? What i should do would be pack. What i would do would be spend part of the day reading, part of it watching movies & tv that i like to watch when i am alone, and i would order way more sushi than one person should eat and house it all.

I get time to myself at my camper pretty frequently and down there i spend it reading, playing in the lake with the little kids, socializing with the old folks in the day time and the youngins at night, and if i can get ahold of one, tearing around the woods on an atv :)

Lady Snowdon:
A totally free day, where I didn't have things pre-scheduled?

Sleep.  And read.  Maybe eat.  Sleep some more.  Last time I had some unexpected free time, I brought the dog and a blanket outside, spread out the blanket and laid under a tree and read.  It was so peaceful and quiet; just heavenly!

I might also work in my garden, or plan out the patio we're going to build next year.


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