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What part of "not at my desk" don't you get?

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Is there anything I can say to people who IM me with "Hi" and "Are you there?" and "Please log on to XYZ account, we're drowning" when my status clearly states I'm not at my desk? I've tried not responding outside work hours and saying things like "I'm unavailable before x time," as soon as my shift begins, but it doesn't seem to achieve anything. Staying signed off isn't an option, and this really, really annoys me for some reason, probably because I never IM anyone who's busy/away/offline.

create a group of work people and hide yourself from them when in off hours?

simply dont respond?

I agree to creating a work group and making yourself appear offline to them.  Then just don't respond if they try to send something.

My current client (over)uses The Office Communicator and I get this too.  I just ignore messages that were sent while I was away. 

If someone chooses to chat me while my status is "Away" or "Busy", I will respond to them at my leisure.  I used to get really annoyed at this sort of thing, especially when people chatted me while I was in a "Busy" status.  Now I just ignore them until I'm read to deal with them. :)


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