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Being shorted Update OP

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ETA: I am a complete idiot.

I didn't do anything last night and went through all my medication with my mom this afternoon and it was a different prescription that I had filled on the 31st.  *headdesk*  That's what I get for dealing with these things after midnight.

I am on a number of medications at the moment :( and went to take one of my evening medications and discovered it only had one left (I take three at a time).  I was frustrated because it seemed like I just filled it so I checked the date (the 20th) on the bottle and it works out.  I was just texting a gf and mentioned it and she told me that I hadn't gotten filled on the 20th, but on the 31st.  She remember because there was a problem and I had posted something on my facebook about it.  The bottle is empty and I paid for a full prescription which is what it reflects on the bottle.  How do I approach them with this tomorrow.  I watched the guy fill it and he is the pharmacy manager so I'm concerned this will fall on deaf ears.  And yes I'm moving my prescriptions elsewhere.

shhh its me:
  And if you had filled it on the 20th you should be out now right?

Oh boy that's a hard one.    Your accusing a medical professional of fraud not a mistake " I filled this on the 31st not the 20th and received only 10 days of medication not 20 days of medication" if one was wrong if you still have 10 days left and it was dated wrong or it was dated right but had the wrong amount it could be a mistake. Triple check make absolutely sure the refill wasn't for 30 pills not the 60 you should have and any other possible misunderstanding( I would suggest this to anyone who has to make this level of accusation) Give the pharmacist a chance to make it right and even if they do I think you have to report this to the owner/higher up the drugstore chain and to the governing board.

It is for 60 on the bottle it was dispensed in.  I just think it is super weird that the bottle was dated wrong.  I don't understand that.

Did you pay with a credit card or debit card?  Maybe you can prove that you paid on the correct day if the pharmacist has some story about the wrong date being on it.

Was the problem that they couldn't give you ANY on the 20th or was it that they couldn't give you ALL on the 20th, I've had part of a prescription one day and had to go back to pick up the rest later


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