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yowling freako banshee psycho snowflake cat

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We live with a cat and she has let us stay with her for 18 years. She is petite, beautiful, elegant and has a huge set of leather lungs and could rip your arm of at the elbow in a blink.

Lobey does not like change. Lobey expresses her dislike of change.

She used to do this by pooping in inappropriate places. Now she yowls dementedly in the middle of the night. I prefer the pooping.

Recently we went away for two weeks and left her in a cattery- mistake 1

We came back with American relatives who are staying with us- mistake 2

Two big changes and she is not happy.

Last night our jet lagged guests were all tucked up in bed after a happy day of catching up and picking up Lobey and her brother from the cattery.

Lobey spent the day building up. Sniff at guests, run away with sideways monkey shuffle. Sit in guest's open suitcase with a certain expression, run away with sideways monkey shuffle. Sit in corners glaring at me, run away with sideways monkey shuffle. Pin down gentle brother cat and smack around head repeatedly, run away with sideways monkey shuffle.

1am, 2am, 2.15am, 3am, 4am wander around yowling like a freako banshee psycho snowflake. 4.10am American, jetlagged niece sits huddled in bed, wide eyed and quivering begining to believe terrible stories Uncle Big ozzy tells about Scottish ghosts.

7am wake up for work, step in freshly vomited grass. Cat looks at me with a "What?" expression and demands to be fed.

Big ozzy shows lobey electric razor and threatens to shave her.

No visible affect noticed.



No advise, but that is funny.
Especially about the Scottish ghosts.  ;D

excuse me, can I have my cat back?



--- Quote from: jassou on August 10, 2010, 06:42:52 AM ---excuse me, can I have my cat back?


--- End quote ---

Fur intact?

I love it when cats do things like this.

Not least because they make most amazingly entertaining thread topics!


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