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It's worth $500!!!

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I had another one of these emails arrive in my inbox this morning.  You know the ones:  it's flogging some kind of book/course/event and as part of that they decide to add on a "special bonus" of a download/ebook/audio class which is "worth $500". 

That bit really annoys me because no one in their right mind would be paying for this obvious freebie, which was overpriced to start with so they could bundle it in as a discounted product.

It's certainly a valid way of selling more, but is it polite to claim a product is worth more than it is? 

I disagree.  The"value" of an item is subjective.  It can be worth whatever a person thinks it's worth.  I don't think stating such an opinion is rude.    Now the free market - supply and demand- may correct the price of an item, there's an argument to be made that the demand side is also based on subjective opinion.  That aside and more relevant to the issue, I don't see any rudeness. You just have a differing opinion on the "value" of the item.


i don't think polite enters into it.  Its a form of false advertising.

high dudgeon:
Not really an etiquette issue, so much as a legal or ethical one.

I don't think it's false advertising or a legal, ethical, or etiquette issue. It's sales, pure and simple. I overvalue at my job all the time knowing that I can negotiate down but not up. Not quite the same situation since presumably there's no negotiating in scenario you posted, but the advertiser has decided that $500 is a good price to claim the product is (subjectively) worth.

You might think they are crazy, but that's your judgment call and you can just decide not to buy. That's the risk they take if they overshoot on what a consumer believes the value is. Not rude, just bad business.


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