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How to thank a store


Yesterday my 9 year old daughter fell and cut her head open in a shop (her strap on her shoe broke and she pitched forward and caught her head on the clothing rail)

The staff there were really good with her - ended up calling an ambulance, while I pinched the wound together to stem the blood and she needed several stitches, they cleaned up her arms and legs as best they could with wipes -they also gave her a few things from the store and a voucher for 'being brave' and gave her brother and sister a free waterbottle each for being good while waiting.

We have emailed the head office (unfortunately I dont know names) to say thank you and got a reply back to say they would pass it on, but am trying to think of something else - I was wondering about getting her to write a letter to say thank you - as we left they said to let them know how she was

So any ideas?

A cookie tray?

A gift card for breakfast at Starbucks or something similar (enough for the whole whatever-day staff?)

Donuts!  Everyone LOVES donuts.  Maybe call and talk to the store manager and ask if you can bring donuts for the next store meeting?

I think that both you and her writing the store a note would be a great thing. And even though it feels like emailing the head office is a little thing, trust me, it isn't.

Where I work, there's a discount if you are over 55. Obviously, this is a rather delicate point, and can be hard to explain without offending. One woman was impressed by the way her clerk handled it and emailed the HQ. It resulted in a company-wide video "memo" on how to gracefully handle the transaction, using that clerk as a model. One customer thank you can mean a lot.

Outdoor Girl:
If your daughter could write a little note and the two of you deliver it to the store, I think that would be great.  If you have time, baking a few cookies to take wouldn't go overboard, either.  And if you aren't a baker, Pilsbury cookies would be just fine!


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