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Dropping off a resume - weird?

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I applied to a job via e-mail this morning. I usually like to mail a hard copy of my resume and cover letter to the company as well. This company happens to be in a nearby town and I could just as easily stop by tomorrow and drop off the resume in person. It's a small internet start-up company with an office in a new building in town.

At my previous job, this would have been fine. We had plenty of people drop by with their resumes. If there was a manager available, they would come down, take the resume from the applicant and chat with them for a few minutes. We actually liked it because we could get an idea of what the person was like before we called them in for an actual interview.

However, I worked at a retail store so we had more of a public "face" than most companies. Would you recommend against doing this?

I'd say that it depends on how the company requested resumes to be sent.  If they requested fax or email - and you instead dropped off a "live" resume - then they could conclude that you're a person who can't, or doesn't want to follow, directions.  I see now that you did both, however the hard-copy resume might not have earned you extra points.

I agree that it could have been convenient if you were passing right by there anyway, and/or wanted to have a "live" look at the work environment before an interview.  However, I don't know whether it would have given you additional brownie-points - probably you can only wait and see.

I think a retail environment is a bit different - there tends to be more turnover, and if the manager is available she certainly might want to talk to applicants right then and there.

if they asked you to email it, then email it. It *used to* be the norm to do both - email/fax and then follow up with a mailed hard copy. I don't see this done any more - there really is no reason for it (again, unless it is specifically asked for).

I *wouldn't* go in and drop it off. i know that if you would do this in *my* office - at best it would annoy us and at worst it would be held against you.

Besides being looked at as being odd, with all of the security in place nowadays you'd either be dropping it off to the security guard or receptionist.  You may as well mail it and get it to the correct person.

It would be looked at as odd.  It's an internet start-up company - they're going to expect resumes via email.  There is no reason to mail or drop off a copy.  It looks a bit desperate and/or high school-ish to drop off a resume (days of going to mall stores & picking up applications to fill them out in the food court & take them back), and it interrupts their work day.


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