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I keep telling myself "It's only an internet forum"...

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... and it's not working very well.

BG: I am a moderator on another forum.  This forum is not related to etiquette, but to general news discussion.  It is divided into the general forums and a separate 'Members Only' area.  One of the subforums of 'Members Only' is the Oubliette, described as 'the place to go when you must act anti-socially.'  One of the threads is an ongoing one where people bring their day-to-day gripes and grumbles. /BG

Toxic Woman is on this thread at least twice a day, sometimes more.  Her posts are invariably bigoted, hate-filled screeds full of four-letter words.  Instead of "I hate traveling on public transportation" it's always something like "So I got on the bus today and this stupid [ethnic slur] [scrabble-playing] [female genitalia] gave me the Evil Eye because I'm Purple and she's Green, so I gave her the finger and said 'who are you looking at, you [parental-unit scrabbler][woman of negotiable virtue]' and the [scrabble-playing][female dog] pretended that she didn't understand English!!!"  Or maybe someone didn't look at her, so "the [parental-unit scrabbling][female genitalia] thought she was better than me!!"   ::)  I don't like them or her, but because that is the appropriate area I haven't said anything.  She drops the f-bomb in the public forums, too, and has been cautioned on it more than once.  Those posts are removed to an area only visible to the mods. (We do not delete anything but blatant spam.)

Today I lost it.  One of the members, in the Living Room area of Member's Only, posted a sobering video composed of about half re-created auto accidents and half actual footage of fatal accidents, captured on security and traffic cameras.  It is intended to remind (or teach) people about the need for mindful driving and the consequences of even a moment of distracted driving. 

Toxic Woman responded about how "hilarious" she found this video to be.   :-X The video was bad enough, but that left me nauseated and shaking.  I split her message out into another thread and threw it into the Oubliette, then told her exactly what I thought about her.  Without using her language, with the exception of [female dog].  I have backup from other mods and the board owner on this.

I feel that I can't put her on ignore.  That throws the burden of riding herd on her onto the other mods, and one of them (previous to Toxic Woman's hilarious post) has already said that she was taking a break from TW's bigotry.  If we all do it, then she'll run roughshod over everyone.

But I'm finding it more and more difficult to maintain a fair and disinterested attitude to TW's posts anywhere on the board, public or members-only.  Suggestions?

Well, she sounds like an AWESOME person...
Could you all just ban her? Since you and the other mods are sick of her and she has violated your forum policy it seems to be a reasonable solution to me.


--- Quote from: Miss Charlotte on August 10, 2010, 11:01:50 PM ---Well, she sounds like an AWESOME person...
Could you all just ban her? Since you and the other mods are sick of her and she has violated your forum policy it seems to be a reasonable solution to me.

--- End quote ---

This! I belong to a forum for my favourite football team, AC Milan. It's no Etiquette Hell and insults and bad words are allowed. Ethnic and racist slurs, however, aren't tolerated and are bannable offenses there.

shhh its me:
  It might make you feel better if people actually did what they say they did/said in the supper venty threads we couldn't be in public without being physical and verbally attacked every 5 seconds. Not saying it never happens but I do believe most people exaggerate while in their evil persona.

I'd decided my advise is more appropriate in pm for this forum

Are you getting paid?
I can't really fathom spending time in such a place where these things are allowed, nevermind being a moderator there.


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