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With all the other annoyances I have at work,

The girl that sits behind me has started wearing a new perfume that is killing me. I have never had a problem with perfumes bothering me. My mom wore Knowing all my life, it nice but VERY strong. The perfume she's wearing is bad, strong and almost smells like old perfume. I can't take it. My head is pounding! As all these little annoyances go on during the day it makes my anxiety go up!

What do I do? If there's anything  :(

can you just talk to her? Let her know that you are sensative to that particular scent and ask if she would not wear it to work anymore.

I'm sitting for kids right now. We're practicing the idea that if someone is doing something you don't like, you ask them nicely to stop, and then you move away from them. Sounds like this is one of those things. Talk to her and let her know that for some strange reason you are reacting. If that doesn't work, ask about moving your desk or see if a fan blowing in your face will keep it from bothering you.

Well don't do what my dad did and get yourself one of those pine air fresheners you use in the car.  Whenever the perfume girl came near him he'd squirt her with the pine air freshener!!   >:D

In his defence he had asked her repeatedly not to wear it to the office because it set off several people's allergies/asthma.  How he has survived in business so long without getting sued, I have no idea though! 

She probably has no idea it's so strong though - just say that it is really strong and affecting you, could she go freshen up and remove some of it?


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