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I got this email from a friend's facebook account (her birthday is tomorrow)  It says in the subject field, "Don't write on Bette's wall!!!"

Your friend Bette Davis is doing something different on her birthday. Bette has made a pledge to raise money for a cause she really cares about, Davis Foundation. To wish her a happy birthday, skip the wall post and the super-poke, and check out her Birthday Wish where you can design a birthday card, share photos and video, donate to the Wish, and spread the word.

View Bette's Birthday Wish

The Causes Team



--- Quote from: Zilla on August 11, 2010, 03:36:58 PM ---Annoying?
--- End quote ---

Yes, and rude, but it's "for a good cause" so it "doesn't count".

Powers  &8^]

Oooh, I find that particularly repelling.  That person's birthday would go unnoticed by me, at least on Facebook.


charity and special occassions should be kept separate, imo. 

I would still wish a HB on the wall, and skip the charity thing, personally. 

Beyond annoying.  It's obnoxious.


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