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Uh yeah...not gonna happen...(mentions death)


White Dragon:
Had a strange conversation with uberboss yesterday.

UB "What was the company we used to have those labels printed up last year?"

Me: "Bob Smith did those for us."

UB: "Really? Tall guy, had a bit of trouble walking?"

Me:"Yeah, that's him. The same person who passed away a couple of weeks ago."

long pause....

UB:"Oh. Then I guess getting him to do some work for us is out of the question."

Me:"Umm..yeah. Making that house call to ask him is NOT in my job description!"

If it is even remotely possible for you to make that call, you could quit and make millions off your phone. And I'd really love to see the Rolodex for that job!!!!

"Bob Smith - 555-2345 - #34 Terrace Rd., Cloud Nine. No Sunday calls."

"George - 555-7777 - #2 West St., Ninth Circle, Hades. Can't process jobs with flammable materials."


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