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I want!!! Ninja sighting!!


I want these cookie cutters!!!


Anyone else have a must have goofy object?

I love them! Ow wow that is cool.



(am getting next week. got to love tax returns!)

I took a box of brownie mix with us on vacation - but the resort didn't have any cake pans (pizza pans don't work very well at 1/4" deep).  There is a Kitchen Collection store down the highway where we'd gone shopping (useful souvenirs - I must be a grown up!).  I went out and bought this http://www.thegreenhead.com/2008/09/slice-solutions-brownie-pan.php and made up the brownies anyway!

While looking for a link to the brownies by the slice pan - I fell in love with this, too! http://www.thegreenhead.com/2009/01/chocolate-bar-brownie-pan.php

And there's more..........

Bibliophile, I now want every single thing pictured on that page. Except the brownie pan, because I already have it!  ;D

I'm kind of scared to click "View More" since I'm sure I will see other things I can't live without.


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