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President's Appearance on the View

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 Did someone directly ask him if he had been invited to Chelsea's wedding?

 If so, isn't that rude?

I think certain levels of 'celebrity' operate on different social rules than the rest of us. And our elected officials pretty much know they will be living in a fishbowl.

Making a public announcement that John Q. is going in for a hernia opperation isn't done, but it's 'news' when it's happening to a senator or VP, KWIM?

Flora Louise:
I think in this case it probably was political and I can't begrudge interviewers with access to the President to forego the opportunity to ask "telling" questions.

I don't think it's anyone's business who was/was not on the guest list for Chelsea's wedding. However, I don't look for the ladies of the View as bastions of etiquette. I remember the episode when Sherri Shepherd was complaining because Jeremey Piven did not acknowledge her on the plane. Elisabeth Hasselbeck complained on air about not receiving an invitation to the White House Christmas Party. Don't get me started on Rosie or Whoopi.

I thought it was kind of rude because it could have the potential of making Chelsea and her fam look bad if taken the wrong way (i.e. "They didn't invite him?? Why not?" etc etc).

But he did a good job of deflecting any blame!


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